How I Found “Love” Again…

and how we fell in love with the Big Island Hawaii.

In 2017 we had just closed our gym and moved from Boston to Las Vegas after…

→ 5 years of owning a brick and mortar that sucked the life out of us

→ 18 months of litigation with our first landlord, fighting a $200k judgment against us over a contractual dispute

→ filing for both personal and business bankruptcy to save our house because we signed a personal guarantee with our first lease.

We were as “DONE” and burnt out as a piece of black burnt toast and I had lost any love or inspiration that had ever lived inside of me.

BUT, the ramifications of bad business decisions and the struggle of owning a brick and mortar were not over yet…

With fresh bankruptcies in our name, no credit, credit cards, or credit line, and barely any cash in our checking accounts, never mind savings, with Eric’s  paycheck from Cirque du Soleil , somehow we were paying,

→ a mortgage for our condo in Boston

→ PLUS rent for our apartment in Las Vegas – which we acquired by the skin of our teeth with a VERY understanding and generous real estate agent

→ PLUS somehow finding money to buy gas, groceries, utilities, and other basic living expenses

We needed to sell our condo in Boston to get rid of our mortgage payment and some cash in the bank.

After a bidding war for our condo that we bought for $200k in 2012, we sold it to the highest bidder at $400k.

BUT, hell was not over yet…

During the closing we discovered that our bankruptcy attorney had screwed up and forgot to file the paperwork to remove the lien from our house.

This process would take up to 90 days which meant we might lose the buyer.

We had plans… plans to put 5 years of hell behind us and start over with a life of love, freedom, and abundance, and to take a big, long ass, 2-week vacation over Eric’s “dark” on the Big Island of Hawaii.

But the universe wasn’t done teaching us our lesson…

I fell into a deep, dark hole of depression and isolation. I felt like this hell on earth would never end.

About 90 days later the lien was removed and the original  buyer still wanted to buy the house.

The stars aligned and the universe delivered because somehow, literally, just in time for Eric’s “dark”, we closed on a Friday, booked a rental house and plane tickets to Hawaii on Monday, then flew to Hawaii at 1am on Wednesday.

Evidence to me that the universe always has a plan.

I remember how hard it was for Eric to let go of the money to book the trip. I almost had to pick up his finger and help him click “buy now” to book it.

I was so excited for Hawaii.

I felt liberated from 5 years of struggle, anxiety, worry, and fear.

Hawaii restored inspiration and love to my spirit and right away Eric and I knew it was the place where we wanted to get married.

To us, Hawaii is love, life, abundance, freedom, inspiration, rebirth, a fresh start, and HOPE.

It represents that when all you have left is faith, the universe will deliver a brighter day if you hang in there and keep believing.

It is where I disconnect to reconnect with myself, nature, and joy, love, and happiness.

Last year in 2020 we missed our trip to the Big Island and since we’ve been back here this year I’ve noticed that to my detriment, a part of me has been lying dormant for far too long.

I made it my intent this vacation to reconnect with that piece of me that The Big Island helps me to reconnect with every year.

I am so grateful for this life that we created after what seemed like the end of the world for us.

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