Failure is the best teacher.

Last spring, while we were on lockdown, I started a routine of a 3/4 mile morning walk around our neighborhood.

After a few months of this, I felt like I needed a longer walk.

So then I started a routine of a 2.25 mile walk.

At first I would complete this walk in 40-42 minutes, but then after a few weeks of a regular routine, I started to complete it in 32-35 minutes.

Then one day, I decided to run the second half.

Now, if you’ve been following me since 2012 you know that I HATE running and have written many blogs and posts about how much I LOATHE running and at one point, even stopped running for 3 years.

WELL, after 1/2 walking/ 1/2 running my morning “walk”, I started to run the full 2.25 miles 1x per week.

Then I increased that to 2x per week.

I gave myself permission to start out slowly depending on how I felt that morning, like 11-12 minute mile slow, but no matter how I started out, I always ran back faster, like 9-10 minute mile faster.

And then, I actually started to LIKE the mornings that I ran.

NOW, I’m running the 2.25 mile loop regularly, 2-3x per week and averaging anywhere from a 8:25 – 9 minute mile.

I practiced the hard thing that I hated and got better at it, and actually started to like it.

Business is the same…

You learn.

You create.

You implement.

Maybe you fail.

You get feedback and then do it better next time or you succeed.

It’s called PRACTICE.

And practice makes things BETTER and easier.

The only way that entrepreneurship gets better and easier is if you

Hire and learn from mentors who have done it before you, cleared the path, and can teach you their lessons learned so that you can get there faster.

Believe in your ideas and create offers that bring them to life.

Take messy action and implement your ideas even when you don’t feel “ready”.

Are willing to fail and receive it as feedback for how to do it better and succeed the next time.

In EmpowerU Business Academy Eric and I will teach you all the lessons learned that we have from our combined 20 years of entrepreneurship.

We walked through fire so you don’t have to.

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Artemis + Eric

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