We broke a big rule here…

We just got home from our 2-week stay on the Big Island in Hawaii.

You’ve heard us ramping up for this trip for months.

Spending four weeks each year in Hawaii is part of the “why” behind our business.

After feeling chained to our brick and mortar gym for years and trading time for money as in-person fitness coaches, the freedom of an online business almost felt wrong.

We were going against everything we were taught about traditional business.

The first time we went on a big vacation, we kind of felt like we were breaking the rules.

And then?

We fell in love with breaking the rules, so we kept breaking them.

We gave the rules the finger and started to do things our way.

  • We ditched the 9-5 mentality and exchanged it for boundaries.
  • We ditched hustle culture and exchanged it for alignment.
  • We ditched the martyr solopreneur model and exchanged it for a highly supportive team.

And because we made those decisions, we get to run our business our way.

Which, this year, meant traveling to Hawaii for 2 weeks, renting an incredible oceanside home, hiking our asses off every day, enjoying a sunset cocktail, and then checking in with our team back home.

We got to vacation on our terms.

Work when we want to work, rest when we want to rest, unplug when we want to unplug.

Now we want to be very honest and clear:

This life didn’t just happen.

We consciously manifested every moment of this lifestyle.

We each did deep mindset work to feel deserving of these breaks.

(And we continue to do the work so we don’t slip back into old patterns.)

We play with the magic of the universe by inviting abundance, and it plays back by leaving coins all over the island for us to find and collect.

We strategically planned with our team and made sure everyone knew what was expected of them while we were away.

And the business kept humming.

Social media posts were posted, a launch was planned, sales were made, clients were supported.

And we were on Island Time.

We strongly believe in this version of entrepreneurship.

The version where you are able to set your own boundaries and hold yourself to them.

We teach this to our clients in all of our programs, but especially in EmpowerU Business Academy.

EBA students often come to us burnt-out and crispy.

These are online service-based entrepreneurs who have been posting the posts, writing the emails, trying to make the sales, but their effort is not being rewarded.

So they double down on the strategies that don’t work.

We help them overhaul their business with practical principles AND spiritual strategy.

Then, as they rebuild their businesses, they are building something that they actually want to run.

And man. Do we love running our business this way.

We think you will too.

Thanks for being a part of our dream life!

In alignment,

Artemis + Eric

P.S. If you want to get in on this kind of magic, we would love to teach you. EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now. Check out more info here.

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