Together We RISE

Last weekend I watched a free masterclass from Melanie Ann Layer owner of the Alpha Femme brand, Le Saut Quantique, (“The Quantum Leap”).

While watching this masterclass, 3 things clicked:

→ ENERGETICS: Energetics is a VIBE, not “What you get…” e.g. x number of calls, modules, etc.

If you find teachers of money mindset, manifestation, and energetics ambiguous, then you’re probably looking for the tangible in the intangible.

Energetics and the energy and frequency of money+manifestation is beyond the tangible.


It’s your intuition telling you that you are an energetic match for a person or a thing with a feeling beyond the tangible, e.g. “I’m attracted to this person or thing, but I don’t know why…”.

Once you understand this, and that everything is energy and energy is everything, and that energy connects people to people, and people to things, then you will start to understand the Law of Attraction.

→ QUANTUM LEAPS: Quantum leaps happen in the NOW.

We only experience the present…

So, that future goal you want to achieve? When you experience it, you will experience it in the present.

When you constantly look to the future, wondering when it will be your time, you live in lack and block universal energy from delivering abundance.

When you finally feel complete and grateful in the present, every day, then you attract abundance.

The more abundance you attract, and the faster you attract it, the closer you get to a Quantum Leap.

We cannot Quantum Leap alone. We need the energy of the network of others to compound the effect of the Law of Attraction.

→ NETWORKING: If you want big things, you have to expand your network…

For example, I found Melanie Ann Layer through Jenn Kennedy who I met in Amanda Bucci’s mastermind…

Amanda Bucci connected me to Gabby Bernstein and Amanda Frances which took me deeper into my journey of healing my relationship with money, learning about energetics, and practicing the Law of Attraction+manifestation.

By connecting to these powerful women I learned that Jenn Kennedy learned from Melanie Ann Layer who learned from Amanda Frances who learned from Gabby Bernstein.

THIS is an example of the power of a network, because TOGETHER, WE RISE.

The EmpowerHER Mastermind starts in January. Sales page with details coming soon, and in the meantime text me EmpowerHER for details and to schedule a call with me by clicking on the button below👇🏽

Helping you to compound abundance for Quantum Leaps,


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