A Few Of My Favorite Things!

A few of my favorite things are having a HUGE Black Friday Sale and I’m excited to share my discount code, ARTEMIS, with you so that you can CASH IN if you’re shopping today or over the weekend.

💙 Fré Skincare 50% off EVERYTHING + FREE SHIPPING through November 29. It’s their biggest sale of the year and the only time they offer 50% off ALL THE THINGS.

I’ve been using Fré Skincare for 5 years and I love their products and their mission.

Their products are all natural, non toxic, argan oil based, AND for every set sold, Fré plants an Argan “Tree of Life” in Morocco that replenishes the endangered argan forests AND helps double the annual income of the women who produce argan oil.

Fré empowers women, helps the environment, and creates INCREDIBLE skincare products.

Fré started with the 123Fré Set, doubled down on that one product for a few years like every small business, and now they have a huge product line from face to body.

My favorites are:

💙 The I Am Set
💙The 123Fré Set
💙 Detox Me
💙 Glow Body

Use code ARTEMIS to get 50% off all the Fré things and shop >>> HERE.

❤️ The RP Diet Coach App. Renaissance Periodization is having a site wide sale on all of their products and you can get EXTRA off with my code ARTEMIS through December 1.

My favorite product is the RP Diet Coach App. I use it DAILY to track macros and plan my meals. Right now I am using it to follow a maintenance phase until the spring when I will use it for a fat loss phase.

I also use it with all of my fitness and nutrition coaching clients.

❤️ RIGHT NOW You can get the RP Diet Coach App for only $109 for the year (normally $149) with my code ARTEMIS.

You can also pay for the monthly subscription which, with code ARTEMIS, is $9.99 per month for 6 months (regularly $14.99).

Use code ARTEMIS to get the RP Diet Coach App and everything else that is on sale >>> HERE.

Helping you to cash in on all the sales,


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