Do you think that doing MORE = Results?

Last week I wrapped up the final calls with the EmpowerU Business Academy and Mastermind groups talking about the concept that the MORE time we put in or the MORE we do, the better results we get.

When in reality, MORE is just MORE.

The truth is that Fully Focused Presence and Intentionality is what leads to results… 

AND in fact, the more present, focused, and intentional you are, the more likely you are to collapse time and achieve Quantum Leap-like results FASTER.

There are many more layers to this, too many to get into over an email, but soon I will do an Instagram Live about this and send you the video replay.

SO, now that you know that the paradigm of more time or doing more = more results is bullshit and rather it’s fully focused presence+intentionality that delivers results, do you (still) think that…

→ You have to work hard to make a lot of money and that #NODAYSOFF is how you make the big bucks and become “successful”?

→ Your worth is defined by how many clients you have or how many hours you work?

→ You have to follow all the business “rules” and chase launches and launch calendars to make the monies?

→ The only way to have a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure business is with a big ass team of people pulling you in a million directions?

If you’re still thinking YES to all of the above, it’s time to integrate the NEW Paradigm.

Hustle Culture is CANCELLED.

In the new paradigm, it’s GETS to be “easy” and fun.

When you…

Tap into intuitive business and learn how to listen to your intuition and follow it (because she knows her sh*t)…

Follow your JOY, instead of force resistance…

THEN, the flow will follow and you get to do less, attract more, make more money, and have fun along the way.

If you’ve been caught up in the DOing and neglected the BEing, I can help you to…

→ Learn who YOU are in your own business and how to trust yourself and your intuition.

→ Learn how to lead yourself and feel confident about your decisions.

→ Charge your worth and feel confident and unapologetic asking people to pay you for it no matter how high the ticket.

→ Identify business strategies that truly work for you and align with you.

→ Create offers and programs that match your archetype and allow you to thrive in your zone of genius.

→ Get clear on what you want and identify when resistance to something in your business is your intuition telling you “NO”.

→ Establish healthy boundaries and HONOR yourself and what you want without judging yourself or worrying about judgment from others.

If you’re thinking, “YASS! I need this!”, I’m looking for 10 POWERFUL, UNSTOPPABLE women to join the EmpowerHER Mastermind. 

The EmpowerHER Mastermind starts in January and if you are one of these 10 powerful and unstoppable women, you can apply by clicking on the button below👇🏽

Helping you to learn how to be Fully Focused, Present, & Intentional,


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