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Xena Can Eat Cake. Or in the case of Thanksgiving, PIE, and lots of it. A few weeks ago when I attended Inferno Hot Pilates™ teacher training here in Las Vegas, Gabriella Walters, Owner and Creator of Inferno Hot Pilates™, told the group of instructors a story that I told to Gabi and to my team of StrongFirst Level I Instructor candidates, otherwise known as Team Xena, when she attended her StrongFirst… Read More

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When I was training for my kung fu black belt, I used to do all of my weapons forms with my right arm. As a result, I was drastically asymmetrical, with a huge gap in strength, stability, and coordination between my right and left sides. At the time, my primary focus was to pass my black belt test so my time was completely consumed with this task, and therefore I did not… Read More

Any good strength coach knows and will tell you that training single leg movements is essential. Throughout our day-to-day, whether it be walking to work, running to catch a bus or a train, or in sport, like soccer, football, baseball, hockey, dance, or martial arts, as humans we are constantly balancing our bodyweight and shifting it between two legs. This is one of the reasons why I love the single leg deadlift… Read More