Indian Clubs & Turkish Get-ups


I’m in King of Prussia, PA this weekend to attend an Indian Clubs Workshop taught by Dr. Ed Thomas and Brett Jones.  I am very excited to learn about this fascinating tool from Dr. Ed Thomas and Brett Jones.  Training with Indian Clubs is a great balance to kettlebell training, where hardstyle kettlebell training focuses on tension and power, and Indian Clubs training is considered “soft style” as it focuses on joint mobility and tension release.  I will post about my weekend and the benefits of Indian Clubs training next week after I return.  In the meantime you can learn a little more about Indian Clubs from Dr. Ed Thomas in this video:

In this upcoming post I will also include some tips as to how to stay on track with your nutrition while traveling.  When I travel I make sure to have plenty of healthy snacks with me and I always go to the grocery store to pick up a few more items to keep in my hotel room.  I wrote a little about this in my post Maintain Healthy Habits on Vacation.


I don’t have the opportunity to post on my blog as much as I’d like to, but I do post daily on my Iron Body By Artemis Facebook Page.  If you’re interested in following my posts on Facebook daily I hope that you will like my page and join me there!  You can like my page HERE.  Until I have a chance to post again, I hope that you’ll enjoy this short and sweet post, plus brief video tutorial about my favorite “plus one” movement, The Turkish Get-up.  My friend and colleague Seth Thomas recently opened up Albany Movement and Fitness in Albany, NY and to support his new business I contributed this post to his blog, “Artemis Scantalides Teaches the TGU”… ENJOY!

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