Be Impressed, Don’t Impress.

Reebok HQ, Canton, MA

Reebok HQ, Canton, MA

I chose to work in the fitness industry for many reasons, body, mind and spirit.

Physically, I wanted to help people to move better and to get stronger and fit.

Mentally, I wanted the hour that people spent taking my class or training with me to be one of the best hours of their day whether it was to start their day off right or to finish it on a good note regardless of the kind of day they had.

Spiritually, I wanted to connect with people on a personal level and know that I made a difference and helped to change people’s lives for the better.

When I started out in the fitness industry I had a fire of hope and motivation for endless possibilities that burned bright.

When I first started teaching spin classes 13 years ago I remember the feeling I would get when people would come up to me after class with huge, sweaty grins on their faces to thank me for helping them to get their day off to a great start or for helping to relieve the stress they had to deal with all day.

I wanted to feel like I made this sort of an impact on people’s lives every day, every hour of the day.

I also wanted to be surrounded by open-minded colleagues, with diverse skills and backgrounds, yet who also shared my mission, and my passion with their motivation and positivity.

Just like any profession and life with its natural ebbs and flows, over the years that I have worked in this industry I’ve had some experiences and interacted with some people who reduced this flame to a dull glow with their jealousy, judgment, and negativity.

As much as those experiences temporarily killed my spirit I always manage to come back burning brighter, and with more motivation.

Then two  years ago I was invited to be a ReebokONE Ambassador. To be recognized by a global company like Reebok was surreal. Over the past two years as a ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador I discovered a group of colleagues with diverse skills and backgrounds who share my mission, and passion with their motivation, positivity, and open mindedness.

The ReebokONE Fitness Ambassadors stay focused on the one mission they have in common, to change lives through fitness, and to celebrate each other’s diversity and open their minds to learn from each other’s differences. They are positive, open-minded individuals who celebrate each other’s personal and professional diversity and humanity.

They help me to keep that fire of hope and motivation, that is the reason why I chose to work in the fitness industry in the first place, burning bright.

Fitness Professionals AND Fitness Enthusiasts, you TOO can join this network of amazing professionals and enthusiasts by signing up HERE. Fitness Professionals, you will receive 25% off all Reebok gear all the time and Fitness Enthusiasts, you will receive 10% off all Reebok gear all the time.

I hope that you will #BeMoreHuman and join me as part of the ReebokONE network!


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