This Is How I Built Strength To One Hand Swing 60% Of My Bodyweight…

When I finished my Summer Shred v1.0 program in September 2018, due to the swing ladders and volume in the program, my one hand swings were STRONG!

I was swinging 24kg (53lbs) for easy, breeze sets of 10 reps.

At that time, I decided that my next strength goal would be StrongFirst Sinister.

For the longest time the Sinister 32kg (70lbs) one hand swings seemed impossible, BUT after finishing my Summer Shred v1.0 program with this new found strength, it helped me to truly believe, that it was indeed possible.

Like the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer used to say, “You’ll SEE it when you BELIEVE it”, however, it always helps to have a taste of VICTORY that aligns with your vision.

It’s like when we finished May 2020 as our biggest month in online business with 26k gross revenue, it helped us to BELIEVE that not just multiple 6-figures is possible, but that ANYTHING is possible.

In September 2018, I started training for Sinister, knowing that it would take me while.

I continued to progress quickly and one day got a little greedy with my strength, and decided to one hand swing 28kg (62lbs)… for a little too much volume, too soon and had a set-back for 2 weeks.

You know how it is, right??

Before this set back, I had followed a Sinister specific program for about 8 weeks, and then when I got back to it, I created and followed my Summer Shred v2.0 program, and Eric’s Circuit Shred program.

Both of these programs helped me to build the unilateral strength I was missing to support heavy one hand swings.

Loaded with single leg squats and step ups, both of these programs helped me to build the glute and hip strength and stability I needed to support heavy one hand swings, AND all of the pressing helped me to maintain strength for 24kg get-ups without having to train get-ups.

NOW I can one hand swing 30kg (66lbs) with ease… one bell size away from Sinister 32kg.

This inspired me to combine the best of both worlds of these programs to create our ==> SUMMER CIRCUIT SHRED <== a kick-ass, kettlebell crushing hybrid program.

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