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Deadline to register for my StrongFirst Kettlebell Course THIS SUNDAY March 25, 2018 at Life Time Athletic – Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada is TONIGHT at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Register ==> HERE <== As a strength coach, one of my daily strength program staples is the Turkish get-up. All of my clients do get-ups in their training, every damn day. In response to training increased TGU volume for about a month, one of my… Read More

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Recently I was chatting with a student about the wedge for the kettlebell military press. He is working on his half bodyweight press for his StrongFirst Level 2 certification and is not 100% dialed into the wedging technique. Yes, just like the deadlift, there is a wedging technique with the kettlebell military press. In fact, wedging is a theme with many lifts, the deadlift, the military press, the bench press (you use… Read More

I turned 42 this past Thursday on January 11, 2018. It was a strange sensation because I don’t feel like whatever being middle aged, in your 40’s is supposed to feel like. Even though the years are flying by, and the faster these years seem to pass by the older I get, I don’t feel much different than I did when I was in my 30’s. Physically I’m still doing the same… Read More

 ACTION! SNATCH! READY, SET, YOU GOT THIS! Sometimes things look much sexier on the outside then you might be feeling on the inside. We all have those training days that are both a physical and a mental struggle. Even Xena has less strong training days. How do you stick to your training routine and get through it? You create a positive script and a plan, and you recite the positive script and… Read More

As much as I love to rip a shit ton of weight off the ground, the barbell can be a pain in the ass sometimes, loading the plates on, taking them off, yadda yadda. It’s very time consuming. This is another reason why I love kettlebells, and why they are my first love; one kettlebell is a simple, compact package of strength, cardio, and power training all rolled into a space saving… Read More

Xena Can Eat Cake. Or in the case of Thanksgiving, PIE, and lots of it. A few weeks ago when I attended Inferno Hot Pilates™ teacher training here in Las Vegas, Gabriella Walters, Owner and Creator of Inferno Hot Pilates™, told the group of instructors a story that I told to Gabi and to my team of StrongFirst Level I Instructor candidates, otherwise known as Team Xena, when she attended her StrongFirst… Read More

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Once upon a time I went to Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City (which is like Disney meets Charlie and The Chocolate Factory but with a bunch of beautiful, sexy, fit, people) and sat down in the Snatchery with the MFF Personal Training staff to discuss pull-ups, pressing, unicorns, and how to make your snatch sexy. Sexy people must have sexy snatches.  This is a no brainer. Now, for those of… Read More