When you start your day late, do you let it affect the rest of your day?

Recently, on Mondays, I’ve been going to an 8 AM cycling class to start my day.

In order to leave for class on time, I have to get out of bed by 6:15 AM so that I can do the bare minimum of my morning routine and get out the door by, at the very latest, 7:40 AM.

Last Monday I overslept.

I woke up at 6:24 AM.

​​9 minutes doesn’t sound like too much, but a lot can happen in those 9 minutes…

​​9 minutes is the time it takes to complete my quick morning meditation…

​​9 minutes is the time it takes for me to throw my hair up in a bun, wash my face, and brush my teeth before I head out the door…

​​9 minutes is 75% of the 13-minute drive to the cycling studio…

​​As I got out of bed 9 minutes late, I tried to complete as much of my morning routine without making myself any later.

​​No matter what, my morning routine is ESSENTIAL.

​​It sets up my mind, and the events of my day for success…

​​On a day that I am heading to an 8 AM class, my morning looks like this…

  • Wake up
  • Meditate and Journal ~15 minutes
  • Coffee while mapping out my to-do list for the day ~15 minutes
  • #coffeestories on Instagram ~5-10 min
  • Make my morning shake ~10-15 minutes

This doesn’t include the time it takes to fill my water bottle for class, get dressed, wash my face, brush my teeth, throw my hair up, grab my stuff for class, and head out the door.

Last Monday, I left the house at 7:42 AM.

It takes 13 minutes on a day with no traffic to get to the cycling studio.

That would put me there at 7:55 AM.

Only 5 minutes before class!

As I got in the car, I was rushed and anxious and had thoughts that I would not make it on time.

However, as soon as I had those thoughts, I dismissed them, because thoughts become things.

Instead, I affirmed to myself,

“I have plenty of time to get to class.”

“I will get to class on time.”

“I have plenty of time.”

As I repeated these affirmations to myself while I was driving, I hit every GREEN light and there was ZERO traffic.

It took me 11 minutes to get to the cycling studio rather than 13 minutes.

I was parking at 7:53 AM and walking into the door of the studio at 7:55 AM.

I had plenty of time to check in, get my bike assignment, throw my stuff in a locker, get my bike set up, and shoes on.

Even though I was running behind and felt rushed, I did not let it affect my mindset nor the rest of my day.

I stayed on task and stayed positive that I would arrive to class on time.

After class, rather than obsessing about running behind that morning, I relished in the feeling of arriving to class on time, and having an excellent cycling class to start my day.

When you’re running late, do you let it affect your mood, mindset, and the rest of your day?

Or do you stay positive, stay on task, and adjust the remainder of your day accordingly?

Reflect on this as you start your day tomorrow.


Sending you vibes of positivity and abundance!



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