Is Your Lack Of Belief In Your Self-Worth Holding You Back?

Is your lack of belief in your self-worth holding you back from announcing your gift(s) to the world?

Last week, this topic came up with both a 1:1 Business Coaching client and with our EmpowerU Business Academy group clients…

I shared details about this this on my IGTV. You can watch the replay below…

My 1:1 Business Coaching client had been procrastinating about announcing her 1:1 Online Coaching Offer because she was afraid that people would judge her…

She was afraid that people would tell her that she wasn’t experienced enough to be coaching people…

She was afraid that people would tell her that she wasn’t worth the prices that she was charging… AND

For her, personally, it meant that by announcing this offer to the world, she was publicly affirming to herself and others that,

She IS worthy.

She IS good enough.

She IS smart, skilled, and experienced enough to be coaching people.

She IS worth the prices she charges and MORE.

She IS a leader and entrepreneur who is worthy of owning her own online business.

This shift is SCARY AF because it means that you are stepping into a NEW IDENTITY of self-love and self-worth.

It means that you are STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER and LEVELING-UP both personally and professionally.

Truly, you are never really ready to make this transition… BUT as an entrepreneur and online business owner…

If you want to, 


Flourish and conquer

Have an impact on those you serve, and

Make the monies…


Then taking the risk to bust out of your cocoon to blossom into a butterfly, is ESSENTIAL.

You can choose to stay safe and sound in an identity that is comfortable, despite its struggles, OR

You can choose to take a risk, affirm your self-worth to yourself and to the world, and PLAY BIG and experience all of the abundance and joy that flourishes in your life as a result.

For our EmpowerU Business Academy students, this same resistance came up as they went through the process of raising their prices and finally stepping up to charge what they were worth.

The scenario was different for our EBA students, but the root of the resistance is the same…

In order to overcome the resistance and make the change…

You must be ready to let go of your former, comfortable and safe identity, in order to…

Step into a more powerful, confident, uncomfortable, yet liberating identity, that opens doors and gateways of endless growth and opportunity.

Do you have a caterpillar to a butterfly story like this?


Sending you vibes of positivity and abundance!


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