ICYMI 👉🏽 EmpowerU Business Academy is OPEN for Enrollment🚀🔥🎉!

Are you ready to GROW and SCALE your online fitness biz??

If you’re a Personal Trainer, Strength & Fitness Coach, or ANYONE who has made fitness and strength training your PASSION, you will want to read this email!!!

EmpowerU Business Academy is officially OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!!!

EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA) is a 12 week group coaching program that Eric (my amazing husband) and I have created to push you outside your comfort zone, pull you out of the weeds, and empower you to start making consistent, high-level income for your online fitness business.

This program WILL:

  • Bust your limiting beliefs that are keeping you in the 3k-6k/month arena
  • Support you, educate you, and coach you through transforming your online biz from CHAOS and BURNOUT to easy, passive income
  • Teach you the Law of Attraction (it’s hippy shit but it works) so that ideal clientsand consistent income falls in your lap
  • Show you thestrategies, tools, and systems your biz needs for seamless, easy money-making content and programs
  • Push you and reveal the parts of you that are keeping you stuck (we’re talking hitting PRs of mindset work)
  • Transform you from online coach into CEO so you are in the driver’s seat of your biz and your life!!!

We know that your fitness business is your life.

You do what you love and you love what you do.

Fitness, strength, and your clients have transformed you, the way you live, and your mission.

We get it.

That’s why this program is so specific to you. We know how dedicated you are to your clients, your business, and your own physical and mental wellbeing (and to pushing it!!!)

EBA is a life-changing, transformative program that every single fitness & strength coach should be participating in.

Do you back down to an extra rep? No. Do you let your clients do the bare minimum? No. So why would you expect anything less of yourself when it comes to doing everything you can to push and excel in your business?

EBA will work for you. You just have to show up with the A-Game I know you have, and commit 100% to the process.

EmpowerU Business Academy is looking for…

  • FitPros who are succeeding in their online business but are stuck in the weeds of the systems, strategies, and tools
  • Strength coaches who are looking to expand their biz and scale from 5k to 10k+ months
  • Fitness coaches who are considering the online space but scared to let go of the brick and mortar model (we’re telling you, online is where it’s AT)
  • Professional coaches who are passionate about what they do and ready to make a bigger impact 
  • Anyone in the fitness coaching scene who isstruggling to get clients, make consistent income, or make social media work FOR them
  • Hustlers, hard workers, and disciplined online coaches who are ready to outsource, expand, and grow into the CEO mindset

Success in this program is simple.

Show up, do the work, and you will transform your business from the inside out.

Eric and I have been in the online fitness biz for YEARS, and we know the exact tools, systems, and behaviors you need to scale your biz to 100k/year doing exactly what you love to do:

Coaching, inspiring, and educating your fitness community.

There are only 15 spots available and 4 are already taken, so Apply NOW before spots run out.

Learn More About EmpowerU Business Academy!

If you’re ready to hit your Biz PR this year, we want to hear from you.

Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,
Artemis and Eric


P.S. Check out some of these incredible transformations from past EBA graduates:


“I feel like my first real year of business and having my business license and fully committing towards my business I worried more about quantity and just building up a big clientele, and now it’s a lot more about my quality of like ideal clients and whatnot so that’s been really big for me. I’m finally okay with setting boundaries, planning, and building towards a future and ideal clients, and if new clients aren’t open to your ideas that will open doors for new clients. That’s just been really big for me and that seemed really hard at first, and now it’s really powerful to like, set your boundaries and have it be okay being told no by people and knowing that new ideal clients will come in. That’s been massive for me. I spent so much time just trying to patch holes and to keep my business from sinking and trying to transition online without really knowing what to do. I feel like now I have a structure. I’ve got the tools and I know how to. I have the knowledge and the tools to be able to do online training but just online business in general. You have provided very valuable information on the nuts and bolts, how to work online, and now I know how to market online!”



“ I was on Instagram for pretty actively but never using it from a business standpoint. I’ve been focusing a lot on connecting with my followers and it’s actually turned out really well for me. I’m getting a ton of DMS from people: I’ve gotten requests to be on podcasts, people who want to connect and talk business or just kettlebells like whatever it is, it’s crazy. The floodgates opened and all these people started reaching out to me and like people that were just on the same wavelength, they did entrepreneurship or fitness or both. So it’s been really really cool to just like utilize Instagram and connect with all these new people who are on this on a similar journey so social media was a big learning point and I’m excited to finally have tools, and to feel like I can do this.”


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