Or in the case of Thanksgiving, WILL WORKOUT FOR TURKEY, STUFFING and PIE. Does that sum you up this week?

In my opinion, one holiday meal shouldn’t derail a daily consistent practice of healthy eating and the holiday season shouldn’t cause you to put a regular, daily, exercise routine on hold.

For me, when Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive, nothing changes with my nutrition and regular exercise routine. I still make time to exercise daily and I eat the same as I do the other days of the year.

On actual Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will eat regular portions of food PLUS enjoy some drinks and dessert.

If you exercise all of the other days of the year, then why wouldn’t you also find time to exercise during the holidays? It doesn’t have to be a 1-1.5hrs lift sesh, it can be a 30min kettlebell quickie or a group fitness class with a family member or friends. One of the things that I LOVE to do during the holiday season is to go to group fitness classes with friends and family because it’s something that I don’t usually do many of the other days of the year. It adds a little festive fun as I get my fitness in.

Yesterday I did what I usually do on Mondays, which is a variation of the pull-up and swing day from my Summer Shred v1.0 program (see below for details and stay tuned for a BIG BLACK FRIDAY SALE on all online training programs). The rest of the week will either be lift sesh in the garage or if it’s too cold, because snow is expected here in Vegas, then a fun and festive group fitness class.

For the second half of my workout yesterday I alternated 32kg-70lbs two hand kettlebell swings with a combo of bodyweight and weighted pull-ups for 5 rounds as follows:

  • 15 2H KB swings
  • 6 BW Pull-ups
  • 15 2H KB swings
  • 5 BW Pull-ups
  • 15 2H KB swings
  • 4 12kg (26kbs) Weighted Pull-ups
  • 15 2H KB Swings

Don’t overthink your exercise and nutrition this holiday season, just stay consistent with daily exercise and smart, mindful nutrition choices with a little moderation of indulgence mixed in.

How will YOU stay healthy, fit and mindful this holiday season? Please share by responding to this email, I want to know!

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