Relentless Persistence to Achieve Money Mastery!

Do you have Relentless Persistence to Achieve Money Mastery?

Persistence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Do you find yourself PROCRASTINATING with working on your relationship with money?

Do you find yourself without a STRONG DESIRE to HAVE and WANT more Money?

Do you have a lack of PLANS to achieve money mastery?

Let me take you on a 5 year journey in my work 
to be a master with money.

In 2016, Artemis and I were on a track to heal our mindset and practice with money…

We ditched our business in Boston and as a result had to face the harshness of bankruptcy…

We made the decision we would not and could not go back to a life filled with expenses and debt…

We started to SEE ourselves as people with an abundance of money in our bank account, people with nice things, and people who take 2 week vacations multiple times per year…

In the past 5 years we made the decision to overhaul our MONEY MINDSET and we have succeeded!

This happened through Relentless Persistence of achieving Money Mastery.

Persistence is a HABIT and when developed can help you in all areas of your life.


How did I develop my PERSISTENCE?


Here is a simple 4 Step Framework to build persistence:


TWO. Develop a PLAN with continuous ACTION.

THREE. Have a MINDSET that is closed AGAINST ALL negative influences only be available for whom and that which supports your relentless persistence of Money Mastery!

FOUR. CONNECT with one or more persons who will support you and ENCOURAGE you to follow through with your plans.

Once you build the HABIT of persistence with money mindset, then you will master your ability to OVERCOME FEAR, DISCOURAGEMENT, and INDIFFERENCE with MONEY!

In >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< we will, 

→ help you to develop a plan and take continuous action towards your pursuit of Money Mastery

→ help you to filter out negative influences, thoughts and limiting beliefs included, that do not support your relentless persistence of Money Mastery

→ be your support system as you relentlessly persist to achieve Money Mastery!

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See you in the course!

Peace and Abundance,


Eric Gahan
Founder & Owner
EmpowerU Online Coaching
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