The problem with accountability buddies…

Nobody likes the term “accountability buddy.”

It was a good idea, and it served its purpose 15 years ago, but now it’s kind of cringy, isn’t it?

It feels cringy because it’s superficial.

The image it conjures is two 50-something women in neon windbreakers pumping their arms as they powerwalk down the neighborhood sidewalk together.

They’ll walk every day. They’ll meet at the corner at 7:30 AM. They’ll pump each other up. They’ll pat themselves on the backs. They are… accountability buddies!

It lasts 3 days. Maybe. If they’re lucky.

And then one of them has a dentist appointment, so they skip that day.

The next day, one accidentally oversleeps, so the other just goes home.

The day after that, it’s raining, and their sweet windbreakers aren’t fit to get wet.

Slowly, it falls away, and they go back to their regular routines.

What was the problem with these buddies?

They each lacked the motivation and structure to hit their goals, so when they put their efforts together, they fell flat.

It was too easy to let each other off the hook.

What they needed more than an accountability buddy: A coach.

A third party with experience who could have guided them through, caught them in their excuses, and busted up their limiting beliefs.

Someone who could have customized a plan to achieve their true goals, and then offered support as they worked through the plan.

They still needed each other to make it fun, supportive, and understanding.

But they needed the coach to help them work through their blocks and bullsh*t and actually help them achieve their goal.

This is what we’re doing with Make the Monies Mastermind.

We’re taking you out of the free Facebook groups, business buddies, and work dates.

We’re getting you out of your side hustle, out of the cuteness of having your own business, and into your true role as CEO.

We’re using our experience to coach you, and giving you access to our proven Make the Monies machine to send you up and into multiple 6-figures THIS year.

We’re diving into your limiting beliefs about your success in money and business.

We’re doing the hard sh*t with you. 50% practical business principles. 50% spiritual strategy.

And we’re hooking you up with seriously aligned entrepreneurs so you have people to collaborate, celebrate, and connect with.

This is it.

Today is the day.

The last day.

The absolute last day to submit your application for Make the Monies Mastermind before we close up for the session.

If you get your application in today, we will make sure to touch base with you before the Mastermind starts next week.

>>> Apply Now.

Just in case you forgot, when you join the Make the Monies Mastermind, you get:
6 months with a dedicated support team and access to our business strategy machine.
TWO coaches with decades of experience building successful online and brick-and-mortar businesses.
4 x 90-minute 1:1 strategy coaching sessions with Artemis and/or Eric for deep clarity and custom guidance.
12 x 2-hour group coaching calls (2x/month)
Access to expert guest coaches
A 2-day Live Event with meals included
Access to all 26+ EmpowerU Business Academy Modules
NEW trainings exclusive to the Mastermind
Support via Slack & Voxer
Group support from within the Mastermind

It’s a seriously immersive experience. You are going to become part of a community of entrepreneurs hellbent on inviting MORE abundance into their businesses and lives.

There is going to be So. Much. Ass. Kicked.

Are you ready to Make the Monies?

>>> Apply Now. It’s your last chance.

With love, abundance, and no-shade-for-windbreakers,

Artemis + Eric
Your EmpowerU Coaches

P.S. Investing in yourself and your business is an incredible way to break the generational cycle of limiting money beliefs and scarcity mindsets. You are worth it. We can show you. >>> Apply now.

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