We fired our OBM during our biggest launch.

Last month, I was sitting in on a group coaching session with my mastermind, led by my coach Amanda Bucci.

As I was sharing my heart about some major issues in our business, my friend Jenn Kennedy gently asked me:

“When was the last time you felt joy in your business that was not related to money?”

My answer kind of broke me.

I couldn’t remember the last time I felt that joy.

There was too much sh*t going down. For example:

We fired our Online Business Manager (OBM) in the middle of our biggest launch.

Here’s what happened:

72 hours before launching an offer that should have put our business on a rocketship…

We had no sales page.

The main marketing tool. The one page that would turn prospects into clients.


We started looking around. Our marketing team. Our designer. (Our very Canadian marketing team and designer, who were tough to reach because it was the Saturday of a Canadian long weekend.)

What the f*ck happened?!

Why wasn’t this done?

There was a major miscommunication, and as we started digging, we discovered this:

Our OBM, who was supposed to be project-managing this entire launch, just wasn’t project-managing anything.

Three days before our launch, the marketing team didn’t even know who the OBM was.

Once we cleaned our splattered brains off the ceiling, we had to get serious.

Things had been building up with the OBM, and we had issued some warnings.

More and more, she was showing that she was not the right fit for our business, but we kept her on because we felt like we had to.

We had already invested so much into her.

It was going to be hard to find another OBM on short notice.

(If you’re feeling tied to something or someone because of what you’ve invested, read this.)

But as our big launch was shredding in front of us, we had to fire her.

Now here’s where our limiting beliefs kicked in:

As a lead generator for the launch of Make the Monies Mastermind, we were about to host a free Masterclass.

The subject?

How to Hire Your Dream Team.

The irony.

Was this some kind of cosmic joke?

How were we supposed to teach other people how to build a team when we had just fired our central communicator and project manager?

Then we realized:

No. Wait. This is actually good.

This is a gift.

The only way to GET through something is to GO through something.

The only way for us to teach you how to overcome hurdles in your business is by overcoming hurdles in ours.

This is the real sh*t that goes down when you’re an entrepreneur.

There’s never a point when everything is sunshine and rainbows. It’s hard.

In the fitness and nutrition industries, coaches are rewarded for their honesty, their struggles, and their transformational stories.

In business, we’re expected to just have it all together.

But no. Eric and I do things differently.

We do what we do because we are mold-breakers.

We want to show you where we’ve been so you can watch us get out.

We don’t want some perfect, easy business.

We want to have challenges so we can show you how we respond.

How we…

→ Manage our emotions
→ Re-center and align
→ Check the data

… and keep moving.

I showed up for my clients when I was going through something really difficult in my business, and I smiled through my fraudulent feelings.

Now that we’re on the other side of this (and have hired the most amazing OBM of our dreams), I realize it was silly of me to hide this from my clients.

I only felt like a fraud because of that damn happy face.

It’s okay to have challenges.

You have to get through them to find the joy that my friend Jenn mentioned.

I so appreciate you holding space for me to tell you this story.

I hope you feel a little less alone in your entrepreneurial bubble today.

In pursuit of alignment and joy,

Artemis + Eric

P.S. We’re here to help online entrepreneurs with their businesses so that they can succeed and not have to go through the same challenges and struggles that we went through. Do you want a coach who knows the way out? We have each opened 2 spaces for 1:1 coaching. Check out more here.

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