DECEMBER. Your best OR worst month?


Will it be your best month?

OR your worst month?

YOU get to decide.

For the past 3 years I’ve watched friends, colleagues, and mentors, open enrollment for programs and masterminds after Thanksgiving.

This year alone I can think of 5 women (including myself, hello EmpowerHER) who opened enrollment for their masterminds AFTER December 1.

I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell are you doing?? December is THE WORST month to launch a program! No one is going to sign up”.

If that’s what you believe, then yes. You have the power to manifest that…

BUT, you also have the power to manifest full programs, waitlists, and for December to be your BEST month of the year.

Both options are hanging out in the Universe, in the Quantum, and YOU get to CHOOSE which option you call in.

Last December 2020, one of my clients, Erica Villani, had a $16,000 month.

It was her BEST month of the year.

She started working with me in May 2020, averaging $3-$5k months.

This slowly grew to $6k months, then $8k months, and THEN in December she decided to call in a $10k month.

WELL, as soon as she decided that December would be a $10k month, and then…

→ truly believed…

→ had unwavering faith…

→ took inspired action…

→ stepped into her POWER and had FUN…

She opened up the abundance vortex and called in a $16,000 month.

Her BEST month of the year.

Last December 2020, I decided that I wanted to follow Jen Sincero’s lead in her book “You Are Badass at Making Money” and call in $15,000 in 48 hours.

Once I decided, truly believed, had unwavering faith, took inspired action, stepped into my POWER and had FUN, I called in $15,500 in LESS than 24 hours and December 2020 ended up being my BEST month of the year at $27,000.

Universal Intelligence and the power of your thoughts are real and affect your life every single moment.

You GET to CHOOSE your outcomes. So choose wisely.

YOU get to decide if December is your best month ever or worst month ever.

Both options are available to you.

You choose.

In the EmpowerHER Mastermind, I want to help you change the script and call in the abundance vortex.

EmpowerHER is limited to 10 kick-ass women and starts in January.

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Helping you to call in the Abundance Vortex,


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