How You Are Blocking Your Connection To “Intention”

I spent the last 3 years growing my business, heavily, in Masculine Energy:






This worked, until it didn’t.

It felt good and I got results, until I didn’t.

SO, I blew up my business, re-connected to myself, stopped planning and doing so much, and started listening to my intuition – what felt good, lit me up, and inspired me, and THAT’s when the results started to FLOW again.

Our world is structured in such a way that Masculine Energy is familiar, concrete, and delivers results. Or so we think.





A+B+C = Results.

As humans, we like things that make sense, and the ways of Masculine Energy make sense to us and deliver concrete explanations: “Do A, B, C, and then you get results”.

We like that.

HOWEVER, when you spend all of your time in the Masculine you disconnect from yourself, your intuition, and “intention”.

Dr. Wayne Dyer defined “intention” as not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy that flows invisibly beyond the reach of our normal, everyday habitual patterns.

“Intention” is also referred to as:

The Universe.

The Quantum.

The Source.


Mother Nature.


When you disconnect from “intention” you disconnect from the energy of creation, expansion, and unlimited abundance.

You BLOCK your innate “intention” to grow, thrive, and receive.

Living and growing your business in the Masculine will only get you so far, and then you have to connect to Feminine Energy and learn how to tune into your intuition, let go, and let your business flow.

I’m not saying to burn some sage and palo santo, and then meditate and wish upon a star.

You still have to take action and implement strategy BUT it’s inspired action and aligned strategy.

Feminine Energy is about discovering the business and strategy that aligns with YOU and you know this because it lights you up, inspires you, makes you vibrate inside, and calibrates your energy to “intention”.

There are 3 ways you can work with me in January, to help you discover YOUR, ideal, aligned business structure and strategy:

1. The EmpowerHER Mastermind (starts January 14).

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3. A One-off 2-Hour 1:1 Strategy Session

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If you’ve known me for a while, then you know that even though I’m a huge believer in Universal Intelligence, the energy of of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction, that I don’t offer just a bunch of hocus pocus.

I teach practical business strategy combined with energetic principles, and intuitive business to help you create an aligned and thriving business. 

So if what you’ve been doing, by going hard in the Masculine, without any Feminine flow, hasn’t been working for you and you’re stuck, why don’t you try something different in 2022?

Let’s make this your most calibrated year yet,


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