Your CARB CRAVINGS could be due to a “DIRTY” MAOA gene.

Did you know that your uncontrollable crab cravings could be due to a “dirty” MAOA gene? Yep. That’s right.

According to Epigenetics, (which is –is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression due to environmental factors, rather than alteration of the genetic code itself), we are born with either “clean” genes or “dirty” genes. The majority of people are born with “dirty” genes and as result, our genes can have a tendency express themselves negatively or as it is referred to in epigenetics, to act “dirty”.

The following factors can cause our genes to act “dirty”

  • Diet (e.g. poor diet is just one example)
  • Exercise (over training is just one example)
  • Sleep (e.g. lack of sleep and/or irregular sleep patterns is just one example)
  • Environmental Toxins (e.g. toxic personal care products is just one example)
  • Stress (physical or psychological stress are just a few examples)

Let’s take our MAOA gene for example,

Our MAOA gene produces the MAOA enzyme, which helps us to process two key stress neurotransmitters – dopamine and norepinephrine – both of which enable us to rev up our bodies for the stress response. MAOA also helps to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enables us to feel calm and optimistic.

If our MAOA gene is “dirty”, then it can be either fast or slow.

A fast MAOA gene can lead to uncontrollable carb cravings, that if we do not fulfill, leave us feeling that we are falling into a deep, dark hole of sugar cravings and even alcoholism, depression, difficulty staying asleep.

A slow MAOA gene can cause us to be irritable, have rage or aggressive behavior, prolonged anxiety, and trouble relaxing or powering down.

My 45-Day Hormone Reset helps to “clean” genes through nutrition and lifestyle changes such as stress management, which in turn helps our genes to express themselves positively. As a result, this helps us to achieve optimal hormone balance and health.

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2 Comments on “Your CARB CRAVINGS could be due to a “DIRTY” MAOA gene.

  1. “A slow MAOA gene can cause us to be irritable, have rage or aggressive behavior, prolonged anxiety, and trouble relaxing or powering down.”

    This sounds like Joe. He does have depression, which he drinks away mostly on weekends, but also struggles with sleep. It’s hard for him to stay consistent with his health.

    I love this dive into epigenetics. We’re doing an epigenetics study at work with service members who experienced a TBI via blast or other means anytime while deployed. It’s cool stuff.

    My 2 cents, Maria

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