How You Quantum Leap From $8k/mo to $26k

Yesterday I wrapped up Day 3 of Manifestation Mastery, a free 3-day masterclass about how to master the energy and frequency of manifesting your dreams.

During Day 2 of this masterclass, I taught about the foundation for Bending Reality and Collapsing Time so that you can Quantum Leap, and I shared a real life personal example that I will share with you tonight…

But first, let’s define the terms, Bend Reality, Collapse Time, and Quantum Leap…

Bend Reality means that the Universe has your back.

That life happens FOR you.

That the Universe is supporting your dreams and is easily delivering the people, events, and things that you need to manifest your dreams.

You are working less, attracting more, and having fun along the way.

This happens when you are happy in the present, and also hold a vision for your future, but do not attach your happiness to your future vision.

You have everything you need right now in the present, but you still have big goals that excite you.

Collapse Time means that you do something, whether energetically or by diving into intense studying and learning, that helps you to achieve a massive goal in a short and humanly unrealistic period of time.

Out of the 3 fields of manifestation → Predictability, Possibility, and Potentiality, the achievement of this goal falls in the field of Potentiality, which is a field where you completely rely upon faith to achieve the goal because it seems impossible.

(But remember, the Universe is limitless, and anything is possible, so believe in miracles 😉)

A Quantum Leap is the jump you make to achieve a massive goal.

It’s like going from averaging $8k months in your business to all of a sudden having a $26k month in your business and then averaging $26k months regularly, during a pandemic no less… (Which is the personal story I am going to share with you.)

That’s 300%+ growth in less than 30 days.

That’s not average or realistic.

It’s extraordinary.

So here is how I had a Quantum Leap from averaging $8k months to averaging $26k months in less than 30 days, during the pandemic… and it has NOTHING to do with Business Strategy…

In January 2020 I had just wrapped up a year in 2019 of hitting $100k in revenue for my first year working full time in my online business.

I had also just joined Amanda Bucci’s mastermind and I was surrounded by women who were crushing their goals and having $20k, $25k, and $30k months.

I remember thinking, “I would LOVE to have a $25k month and average $20k months!”, but it seemed so out of reach for me – I could not fathom it.

I didn’t even know what the reality of that would feel like!

At that point, I had averaged $8.5k months in 2019.

For 75% of the year, I averaged between $7k-$9k months, and had two big months, one at $14k, and one at $10k.

But those big months were not my average.

Nevertheless, I set my goal, and wrote myself a Check from the Universe for a $30k month.

I set the timeline to receive the $30k month in March 2020 of that year, BUT I knew that I had to be open to all possibilities, “This or something better”, because the Universe is responsible for the HOW and WHEN when it comes to manifesting your dreams.

That January 2020 there were also two specific Systems for Living to Boost My Happiness that I incorporated into my life to work on my personal growth:

1. I started meditating daily, every morning.

2. I started journaling daily gratitude, affirmations, forgiveness of myself and others, and any realizations I had about my self-limiting beliefs, and releasing them and rewriting the thoughts and beliefs.

→ In January 2020 I had almost a $10k month at $9.9k.

→ In February 2020, since I had just pivoted from Fitness Coaching to Business Coaching, I had lost a lot of clients and was rebuilding my business in the new direction, and I had a $3,500 month.

→ In March 2020 I had a $7.9k month.

→ In April 2020 I had a $8.8k month. 

THEN, in May 2020, I had a $26k month in the heat of the pandemic 🤯!!!

May was a Quantum Leap that raised my energetic minimum for what was possible for me to make in my business, and for the money and abundance that I could attract into my life.

So what helped to make this happen?

Earlier in this post I shared with you that you are able to Bend Reality when you are happy in the present, and also hold a vision for your future, but do not attach your happiness to your future vision.

You have everything you need right now in the present, but you still have big goals that excite you.

WELL, this $26k month did not happen because of any business strategy I implemented, but INSTEAD, because I had a regular practice of working on myself and my personal energetic frequency through meditation and personal development.

→ Through meditation and journaling, I worked daily to reprogram and release the self sabotaging thoughts, and physical memory in my body attached to these thoughts, that were a result of past traumas and experiences, and that were hard wired in my brain and body, to new, abundant, positive thoughts, and visions of my future.


→ My daily gratitude practice helped me to reinforce feeling happy in the present with everything that I had.

I was excited for the day that I achieved my future vision of a $30k month and averaging $20k months, but I didn’t need these things to be happy.

I was already happy.

By being happy in the present, I raised my energetic frequency to match that of love, joy, happiness, and abundance, and therefore, I attracted that into my life.

I matched the energy and frequency of Money and Abundance and the Universe delivered.

After that $26k month in May, I went on to have many more $26k months and even $30k months and more.

The secret is not more strategy, the secret is working on yourself through daily transcendent practices that raise your energetic vibe to match the abundance you want to attract into your life.

Once you raise your energetic vibe, and your DOMINANT energetic vibe is a HIGH VIBE, then you will attract money and abundance and your “unrealistic” dreams into your life.

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Sending abundance your way,

xo ~Artemis 🖤✨

P.S. If you want to watch the replay of the IG Live I taught about Bending Reality, you can check it out on YouTube HERE.

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