Are you impatiently trying to manifest?

Do you struggle with patience when it comes to manifestation?

Have you been calling the Universe hotline asking, “Helloo! Where is my manifestation?”

Last week, in Manifestation Mastery, one of the most common struggles that people shared with me that they have with manifestation is → PATIENCE!

When you lack patience and try to micromanage the process of manifesting your desires, (e.g. money, time, freedom, love, dream clients, etc.), it DELAYS THE PROCESS.

As soon as you start to try to control the outcome, you attach your present happiness and fulfillment to the end result of your manifestation and start “Manic Manifesting”.

When you Manic Manifest, you have all the spiritual tools (e.g. meditate, journal, affirmations), but you energetically block your connection to the Source Energy of Creation, and the energies of love, unlimited abundance, expansion, and receptivity because you are just doing the things to try and GET, rather than allowing yourself to receive.

As a result, you serve your Ego by attaching your present happiness to the result of receiving your manifestation.

You forget that you are already whole, perfect, complete, and worthy, and try to satisfy the void of your Ego with an external outcome.

When this happens, you immediately lower your energy vibe to a low frequency of LACK.

Your energy drops all the way down the emotional guidance scale to fear, worry, anxiety, and unworthiness.

When that happens, you block manifesting anything that matches a higher frequency of abundance, joy, and love, such as MONEY and FREEDOM!

When you want to manifest anything into your life → money, time, freedom, love, dream clients, etc., there are TWO essential steps that will help you to reconnect to the high vibes of love, abundance, and freedom, to bring your manifestations to life:

→ ONE, Have Unwavering Faith in The Universe AND trust in

Divine Order. Your larger, Million Dollar manifestation is a series of smaller, $1 manifestations that make up the steps and pathway of your big MILLION DOLLAR MANIFESTATION.

Divine Timing. Your manifestation will be delivered when all the stars are aligned, and YOU are truly ready, inside and out, to receive your big MILLION DOLLAR MANIFESTATION.

This means that you must be ready mentally/emotionally, energetically (e.g. can you energetically handle ONE MILLION DOLLARS right now??), and physically (did you open up the bank account to receive the ONE MILLION DOLLARS??).

Just like Santa Claus knows who’s naughty or nice, the Universe knows if you’re ready or not.

If you are impatient and trying to control all the things, then you are trying TO GET, instead of waiting to receive, and therefore, you are not yet ready to receive.

→ TWO, know that you are here on purpose and trust that your manifestations are already created and waiting for you.

All you need to do is connect to the energy that will bring them to you.

THINK FROM THE END, (as if you already have the thing you want), and raise your energetic vibe to connect to it by detaching from the outcome.

When it comes to manifesting…

YOU’RE responsible for,




And THE UNIVERSE is responsible for,




With this knowing, have unwavering faith in the Universe, and let the Universe do the heavy lifting of the,




To deliver your desires and dreams to you.

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