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Does your diet need a little “spring cleaning” right about now? Each year around springtime I unintentionally do a little “spring cleaning” with my diet. “Unintentional” because it happens organically, as a natural course to want to constantly improve my diet; and for some reason it seems to always happen around spring.

Last year I re-evaluated the amount of healthy fats I was consuming in my diet and eliminated them along with Lara bars and added back in more complex and starchy carbohydrates. You can read more about this change I made last year in my blog posts Fat is Fat and Fat is Fat Part 2.

This year I needed to cut weight for a powerlifting meet that I have on May 15 so that I can compete in the 114lbs weight class. (If you’ve been following my Instagram posts and read my blog post “114lbs Lean and 670lbs Strong” then you already know this.) I started out on a plan that I put together myself but given that I had only a short 6 weeks to accomplish this goal, there was not much room for error, so I decided that I needed help to make sure that I lost the weight without losing strength. I turned to Renaissance Periodization and purchased one of their cutting diet templates.

This diet template not only helped me to cut calories without losing strength, and improve nutrient timing and meal spacing, but it also helped me to re-introduce more healthy fats into my diet and at the same time to add more balance to my meals.

As of day 20 of following this program my current bodyweight is 112.5lbs and my goal is to reach 112lbs before the meet. It took me only 8 days to lose 3.5lbs and reach 113.5lbs, only 11 days to reach 113lbs, and only 20 days to reach 112.5lbs. Below is my most recent progress picture at 113lbs…


If you are local to the Boston area and you are looking to do a little “spring cleaning” to your diet, Iron Body Studios has partnered with Renaissance Periodization for our 90-Day Iron Body Challenge that starts May 2, 2016. You do not have to be a current Iron Body Studios member but you do need to attend training at Iron Body Studios for the 90-Days that you participate in the challenge. Details for both Non-Iron Body Studios members and Iron Body Studios members are below…

Iron Body Challenge

The Iron Body Challenge is a 90-day challenge that will help to get you fit and lean for summer and beyond! The Iron Body Challenge combines two exclusive and effective programs. The first program is our Iron Body Team Training. The second program will include pairing up with Renaissance Periodization (RP) to follow a scientific and proven approach to nutrition by eating real food. Iron Body Challenge clients will receive a $20.00 discount code for the purchase of a nutrition template including,

  • Exclusive programming to move better, move strong.
  • Exclusive programming to eat better, feel better.

What RP’s automated diet templates are all about:

  • Scientific approach to getting leaner, building muscle, and improving performance.
  • Systematic, observable path to achieving your ideal body composition. No gimmicks, fads, or quick fixes.
  • A commitment. In this program, you reap what you sow. The roadmap is there. Stay on the road and you will succeed.
  • No guesswork! You are told what to eat (a list of acceptable foods), when to eat it (around different training times), and most importantly how MUCH to eat (based on gender, bodyweight, and goals).

[IMPORTANT] The Iron Body Challenge is ONLY open to clients who can attend Iron Body Studios in person. The challenge is open to current members as well as non-members.

Current clients with active memberships, we just need you to email us and tell us you are in! We will then add you to the list. In the subject line of the email please write: IRON BODY CHALLENGE.

Non-members can join for $299.99 for 90-days! In the 90-days you will have access to 3 team training sessions per week. This means 36 team training sessions that must be paired with the auto nutrition template. Contact us ASAP to schedule an Iron Body Basics and also get set up with a 90-day team training membership for $299.99. Just email us at and we can add you to the list and look to get you started. In the subject line of the email please write: IRON BODY CHALLENGE.

This exclusive challenge will only happen when have 15 spots filled so ONLY committed and dedicated individuals will apply. Once we go over the 15 spots that just makes it more exciting and competitive for a winner! Once we have reached the 15 we will release the discount code to active Iron Body Challenge participants.

Becoming leaner and stronger will not be the only prize for your participation. All participates will receive discount codes for purchases at Savage Swim, Juggernaut Training Systems, and Sox Box!

There are also PRIZES awarded to the WINNER of the Iron Body Challenge!

Prizes include:

  • Free Renaissance Periodization (RP) template and 3 eBook bundle
  • Free box of Caffeine and Kilos protein bars
  • $25 Gift Card to our favorite coffee shop, Recreo, across the street from Iron Body Studios

Winning the Iron Body Challenge is based off of attendance. The more you attend Team Training, then the better chances you have of winning. At the end of 90-days we will select the winner based off of the most Team Training sessions attended!

However, if you are not interest in winning, and you are mainly interested in cleaning up your diet and working towards a fat loss goal, then this challenge is definitely for you. Winning or not winning does not matter. What matters is that YOU work towards YOUR own individual goal with the support of the Iron Body group.

Ready to get started?

Email us today at


If you are not local to the Boston area and cannot participate in the 90-Day Iron Body Challenge with us, but would still like to try one of Renaissance Periodization’s cutting or massing diet templates, you can save $10.00 with the code artemis10 and purchase your diet template HERE.

2 Comments on “The Iron Body Challenge

  1. I have my templates! Did you use Cut 1?

    On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 1:17 PM, IronBodyByArtemis wrote:

    > Artemis Scantalides posted: ” Does your diet need a little “spring > cleaning” right about now? Each year around springtime I unintentionally do > a little “spring cleaning” with my diet. “Unintentional” because it happens > organically, as a natural course to want to constantly improve” >

  2. Gail,

    RP recommends that you spend one week following the base diet so that you get used to the plan. But yes, I went straight to cut one because I did not have a lot of time to spare and I followed cut one because it was working well for me. With the template they should have also provided you with a word document entitled “how to use the templates” or something like that within which this guidance is detailed. Good luck! I think you will like the experience. I have learned a lot from following this template.


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