Iron Body By Artemis 2013 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone!

If you have a blog on, at the end of every year puts together an annual report summary of your blog posts for the year.  Unsexy Training Methods Produce Sexy Results was my most popular blog post.  My blog overall was viewed about 24,000 times over the course of the year.  Yes, 24,000 views.  No joke.  This is what said about it:

“The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.”

Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Thank you to all the readers who helped to make this my most popular post.

Other favorites were:

Strength Goals Trump the Scale

Why I Choose Strength

Pull-up Tips for Women

2013 was a significant year, not just for me personally but for Iron Body Studios.  Personally I came close to my goal of surpassing the Iron Maiden Challenge and becoming an Iron Maiden.  I killed the pull-up and the pistol squat but clearly needed to work more on my press.  At an average weight range of 115-118 lbs (currently 114 lbs due to 10,000 swings in 28-days!) I would have been the smallest Iron Maiden if I had surpassed the challenge.  You can read more about my Iron Maiden Challenge attempt in my blog post Achieve Your True Strength Potential.   Even though I did not surpass the challenge, I learned that as a result of writing about my training and my attempt at the challenge, that I inspired many women to train for it and to me that is a huge success within itself.  “Aspire to Inspire” is my motto and we need more women to train for, attempt, and surpass the Iron Maiden Challenge.  It’s still on my goal list for 2014 so stay tuned.  I’ve been working on my press and I have a plan so I’m sure that it will happen this year in 2014.

2013 was a HUGE year for Iron Body Studios.  We transitioned from sub-leasing space to moving  into our own 4,000 square foot facility in July 2013.  Having our own facility has been amazing for us.


Some highlights from our first six months in our new facility are…

September 2013

We hosted Senior StrongFirst Instructor Delaine Ross for a StrongFirst User Course.


October 2013

In collaboration with the Boston Sports Medicine Performance Group (BSMPG) we hosted Charlie Weingroff for his Training Still = Rehab Seminar (T=R2).


November 2013

We had our Third Annual Turkey Swing.  My sister and my niece and nephew participated which was exciting and fun for me.

December 2013

We had the pleasure of having Tony Gentilcore and his girlfriend Lisa attend our Iron Body Basics class.  We even wrapped up that Sunday morning with a quick video tutorial with Tony on the Kettlebell Swing.  You can read more about this visit in his post Tony Takes a Kettlebell Class and view the video tutorial here…

We have many more exciting events coming up in 2014.  A few highlights of what we have planned are…

On February 16, 2014, my friend, colleague, and co-owner of Achieve Fitness, Lauren Perreault and I are having a women’s strength workshop called the Female Fitness Formula.

Image 3

FFF Profile Pic

The Female Fitness Formula Workshop will be a day of learning and lifting at Achieve Fitness in Somerville, MA.  You can learn more about this workshop and register on our website  We hope to see you there!

Then on March 22, 2014, we will be hosting Master StrongFirst Instructor Karen Smith for a StrongFirst Bodyweight Course.


This course is a non-instructor course that is great for instructors looking to prepare for their bodyweight certification or for non-instructors who are passionate about their training and want to take their bodyweight training to the next level.  You can read more about and register for this course on the Iron Body Studios website under News and Events.

I look forward to continued growth and success in 2014 and to hearing how everyone’s training is going and what goals you have planned or have reached.

See all of you in 2014, may it be a STRONG year for all of us!



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