Do You Have NO IDEA What to Charge for Your Services??

By far, one of the biggest challenges that our business coaching clients have when they start working for us is that they:

  • Have no idea what to charge for their coaching services
  • What their 1:1 coaching offer should include, and
  • How to deliver it.

As a result, they overdeliver and undercharge.

If you are a new client, one of the first things we do, is review and revise your offer(s) and pricing so that you’re not spinning your wheels overdelivering, undercharging, and leaving money on the table.

OR, if your business is brand new, we help you to create your offer(s) and pricing.

For those who already have a business, maybe you can relate to some of these scenarios:

  • You have no idea what to charge for your services.
  • You are confused as to how to create your service offering and what it should include.
  • Your clients paying you per session and/or month-to-month rather than a 3 to 6 months commitment.
  • You have 4 different prices for your 1:1 Coaching Offer.
  • You have 7 or 8 different service offerings driven by the customer rather than by YOU, the Business Owner.
  • Your clients are paying you by cash, check, venmo, zelle, PayPal, layaway, and however the hell they want to pay you.
  • You are exchanging goods, or something other than money for your services.
  • You are dragging your kettlebells in a wagon or loading them in and out of your car to run outdoor bootcamps for people who are not your ideal client at the cost of 2 Venti Starbucks lattes per person.
  • You let your clients drive your service offerings and pricing rather than unapologetically set your services and prices and stand by them like a confident Entrepreneur-CEO-Business Owner should.
  • You let your clients pay you half of what you should be making for your hourly for 1:1 Coaching, but also overdeliver by spending extra time, UNPAID, outside of their sessions, to write workouts for them to do in between sessions.
  • You have clients tell you they just want programming so you let them pay you a lower price BUT end up giving them all the coaching and support of 1:1 Online Coaching.
  • You are afraid to raise your rates because you’re afraid your clients will judge you and it will feed into your limiting belief that you are not worth the higher price that you are charging.
  • You continue to train clients who are not your ideal client because you are operating out of scarcity and afraid to let go of the money.
  • You feel under-appreciated and resent your clients and yourself because you are not standing up for your worth, and not charging the prices that you should be charging.

Do you want to stop spinning your wheels and DRIVE THE BUS of your business instead of RIDE THE BUS of your business??

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