Next Goal: StrongFirst Sinister

If you follow me on Instagram @IronBodyByArtemis then you know that a few weeks ago I set a new goal to achieve StrongFirst Sinister.

I’ve been eyeing this goal for a little while now and I’m ready to start training for it.

For women sinister is 10, 32kg (70lbs) one hand swings to chest level every 30 seconds for 5 minutes, switching hands each time, total 100 swings, 50 each hand.

One minute rest.

Followed by 10 minutes of alternating single get-ups with 24kg (53lbs) each minute on the minute for a total of 10 get-ups, 5 each side.

24kg get-ups are no problem, but I’ve been procrastinating because the thought of swinging 32kg (70lbs) with one hand, which is 62% of my bodyweight, makes me want to vomit a little. However, when I learned about the Iron Maiden Challenge over 7 years ago, I felt the same way. At that time 24kg seemed like a massive weight for someone my size to pull-up, strict military press, and pistol squat. But I trained for it and completed it, so why not Sinister?

After finishing up my 12-week Wedding Shred program a few weeks ago, heavy weights were feeling lighter than ever to swing, so I figured now is great time to train for sinister.

When I posted that I was going to start training for my goal of StrongFirst Sinister, many of you decided to join me on this quest and also train for either Simple or Sinister.

For those of you who need a little more guidance & coaching along the way I created a 4-day/week training plan in order to achieve either Simple or Sinister. This training plan is available in my Iron Body Training Systems online training group through my app on

If you want to follow this plan and receive online coaching from me, I’m offering a lifetime* price of 70% OFF the group membership FOR A LIMITED TIME THROUGH this Sunday, October 7, 2018, 11:59 PM PT.

That’s a lifetime* price of $9.99/month vs. $29.99/month!

Discount valid for new, first time members ONLY.

What you get:

Lifetime* price of $9.99/month, cancel any time;

Access to the 4-day/week Simple & Sinister program PLUS access to all 24 other programs available in the group!

Personalized coaching from ME via the premium group in AND my private Facebook online training group.

Use code ‘SINISTER70’ & sign up HERE

After you click on link,

  1. Click on “JOIN THIS GROUP”
  2. Enter code ‘SINISTER70’ at check out.

Offer ends this Sunday October 7, 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Let’s do this!

Yours in Strength,


*If you cancel your membership and want to re-join, you will need to sign up at the regular rate of $29.99.

p.s. To learn more about StrongFirst Simple and Sinister, head on over to, click on Achieve, then Sinister.

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