On Friday, I took a risk…

Since Friday, we’ve been hitting almost record high temps here in Las Vegas – today a high of 113, yesterday a high of 111, and this past Friday a high of 107.

When I was training in my garage on Friday morning, it was 93 degrees in the garage.

For my finisher, I had 15 minutes of kettlebell snatches on the training skillet.

Snatching in Vegas summer heat can be risky…

As a result, your hands can end up as hot as fire, or even worse, tattered with blood blisters or torn.

Because of this, usually I forgo snatches during these sweltering summer months… BUT, on Friday I decided to take a risk, and SNATCH.

With my body and the bell bathed in chalk and sweaty feet and eyeballs, it was MESSY, but I took action…

What was the worst that would happen?

My hands would blister or tear from the Vegas Summer Sizzle, but I would survive.

I wanted to take a chance to see if I would succeed…. It was worth the risk of a blood blister.

As I went through 15 minutes of 7 right 7 left 16kg (35lbs) snatches on the minute every minute, I ran out of water during the last 5 minutes… BUT,

I kept going because I was going to finish what I started… AND I felt strong and my hands were still intact.

I finished my set, hands blister free and happy that I took the risk to complete the task.

Business is the same…. RISK and MESSY ACTION produce RESULTS.

PLUS, success from taking a risk and messy action helps you to BUST THROUGH your limiting beliefs so that you can grow, thrive, and STEP INTO YOUR POWER with all of your GLORY and be VICTORIOUS.

When you take messy action in business…

  • You invest in your business and a business coach before you have the money for this investment.
  • You invest in a system for a new program you are about to launch without having the clients yet who will help you to pay for the cost of that system.
  • You launch a program before you have all the pieces of the program complete… Maybe you have the framework and know how it will create success, but the details and bulk of the content are organically created as you go, based upon the needs of your clients.

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, THINK FROM THE END.

When you THINK FROM THE END and take action on the pieces of your vision, as if it is already a reality, then your vision materializes.

TAKE THE RISK. Because, otherwise…

You will never make your vision a reality if you’re scared of a little blood blister and stay in your comfort zone.

Do you have no idea what to charge for your services?

Are you confused as to how to create your service offering and what it should include?

Are your clients paying you on a per session and/or month-to-month basis rather than a 3 to 6 months commitment?

Do you let your clients drive your service offerings and pricing rather than unapologetically set your services and prices and stand by them like a confident CEO and Business Owner should?

Are you overdelivering, undercharging, and leaving money on the table?

Do you even KNOW if you are overdelivering, undercharging, and leaving any money on the table??

Do you want to find out and stop spinning your wheels and DRIVE THE BUS of your business instead of RIDE THE BUS of your business?

We will be launching a Mini Course on ==> How to Craft Your 1:1 Offer and CHARGE SMARTER <== 

This Mini Course includes:

  • 3 video training modules
  • PLUS a 90-minute group coaching call with us (Artemis & Eric) on Wednesday to answer ALL of your questions about pricing and crafting your 1:1 online coaching offer.

This course will be available for purchase for ONLY 72 hours at an incredible price.

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Sending vibes of positivity & abundance,


p.s. Are you inclined to take risks? Or do you like to hang out in your comfort zone?

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