The Offset or Stagger Stance Single Leg Deadlift

Any good strength coach knows and will tell you that training single leg movements is essential. Throughout our day-to-day, whether it be walking to work, running to catch a bus or a train, or in sport, like soccer, football, baseball, hockey, dance, or martial arts, as humans we are constantly balancing our bodyweight and shifting it between two legs.

This is one of the reasons why I love the single leg deadlift and why I program the single leg deadlift for my clients in their training, as well as in my own personal training.

Not only is the single leg deadlift an excellent movement to train in general because it will help you to build single leg strength and stability for every day life, but also if your goal is a pistol squat, as it will help you to build single leg strength and stability that will translate to your pistol squat. In fact, when I was training for the Iron Maiden Challenge I trained single leg deadlifts once per week in order to maintain, and increase strength for my pistol squat and I still train them once per week on a regular basis.

There are many variations, contralateral (loaded opposite the standing leg), ipsilateral (loaded same side the standing leg), and evenly loaded single leg deadlifts (both sides loaded as shown in the picture above).

If you have never trained the single leg deadlift before, the best way to start is unloaded, body weight only, with the assistance of a dowel or a long foam roller to ensure that you are keeping a neutral spine and that your hips are square to the ground, or with TRX assistance.

However, one of the challenges that I often see is that after a client masters the unloaded single leg deadlift, as soon as they load it with a weight, stability is once again a challenge. In addition to Romanian single leg deadlifts, and single leg deadlifts to a raised platform off the floor, the Offset or Stagger Stance single leg deadlift is a great variation to train if the person is not yet ready to train the single leg deadlift with his or her free leg completely off the floor. I learned this variation from my partner in love, life, and business, athletic trainer, and Head Therapist for Cirque du Soleil, Eric Gahan.

Below is a quick video tutorial of this movement.

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*CARs: The Functional Range Conditioning definition according to  Dr. Andreo Spina is Active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion.


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