Do You Use Your Story As Fuel To Play Big Or As Your Fortress To Stay Small? How Sharing My Story Grew A 6-Figure Business…

I studied ballet for 23 years of my life… I started taking ballet lessons when I was 3½ years old and went on to study ballet very intensely through my childhood and teenage years at a well-known Boston based ballet school.

I was so serious about it that I honestly considered pursuing a career in it, until a series of experiences extinguished that flame…

When I was 11 years old, I was sick for a week with the stomach flu. I was so sick that my mom left a stainless-steel basin by my bed in case I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time to vomit.

When I returned to ballet class, after having missed a full week of classes – at that point I was attending classes at least 5 days per week, my ballet teacher looked me up and down and said to me,


“Artemis, you’ve lost weight.” To which I replied, 


“Yes, I was sick with the stomach flu.” To which she replied, 


“You look good. You should keep it off.”



(Me at 11 years old all dressed up to be a Party Child in the Nutcracker…)


Experiences like this shaped my perception of my body image AND of my self-worth.  

These experiences impacted me so deeply, that I struggled with disordered eating until I turned 29 years old, and to this day at 44 years and 8 months old, it is still a daily practice to learn to love myself, my body, and to believe that I am worthy.

This part of my story fueled my passion for lifting and to turn it into a career so that I could help EMPOWER women to focus on what they can DO rather than how they LOOK.

Sharing my story not only helped others and healed me, but FUELED the foundation from which a 6-figure business was built. 

You can use the comfort of the limited beliefs from your past story as your FORTRESS to PLAY SMALL OR you can SHARE YOUR STORY and use it as FUEL to connect with others, help others, grow your business, and PLAY BIG.

When you share your story, your business grows because, 

  1. You attract and connect with your ideal client 
  2. You are liberated from your past and able to heal 

As a result, you create programs and offers that provide solutions FUELED by your past. 

PLUS, you always have fresh content because you add to your story every day, you just have to know HOW to apply your story to your business.

In our EmpowerU Business Academy, we help clients learn how to use their story as their FUEL to grow their online business. 

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,



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2 Comments on “Do You Use Your Story As Fuel To Play Big Or As Your Fortress To Stay Small? How Sharing My Story Grew A 6-Figure Business…

  1. we all still miss Madame Nora down here in Florida, where she came to manage our high-rise, after retiring from teaching her Barre method in Boston to distinguished people like you and many others.

  2. She was a very special woman! As young women and students, she always lifted us up and empowered us. She wanted us to be strong in mind and body. I miss her very much as well. Sending love, Artemis

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