The Law Of Attraction Works Both Ways…

There was a time in my life that I used to think…

  • I don’t have enough clients.
  • I’m not making enough money.
  • What if my clients don’t renew and then no one else signs up and I don’t make any money??
  • I don’t have enough followers.
  • She has so many more followers than I do and seems like she is crushing it online and with her business…
  • What am I doing wrong that I don’t have that many followers?  And how does she have THAT much time to spend on social media?? I wish I had that much time!
  • Only 2 people signed up for my email list!
  • Only 3 people signed up for my program!
  • I only got 50 likes on that post!

These thoughts WERE NOT delivering,

  • More clients
  • More money
  • More followers
  • More leads
  • More confidence
  • More alignment
  • More business growth

INSTEAD, these thoughts were leading to more thoughts and results of comparison, judgement, scarcity, and lack.

One day I decided to change the script and practice the Law of Attraction daily and instead I focused on,

  • The clients I DID have.
  • Serving my existing clients, and serving them well.
  • The followers I DID have.
  • Building and nurturing the relationship I had with my existing followers and email subscribers.
  • What made me unique as a coach and how well I shared that with my audience.
  • The money I DID have and that I had enough money and would always have enough money to pay all of my bills on time.
  • That whatever the outcome, it’s always for the greatest good for all and if a client doesn’t renew, then then there will always be an abundance of clients to replace them.

I thanked the universe for what I DID have and practiced daily gratitude for all of the abundance I DID have in my life.

When I did this, a shift happened…

  • My online fitness business grew to 6-figures in 10 months.
  • I successfully pivoted my business to business coaching in 8 weeks.
  • My business’ average gross monthly income DOUBLED from $10k to $20k in 3 months.
  • My business grew from a team of 2 people to 4 people in 6 months.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t understand negatives and the universe will not give you more if you’re not grateful for what you already have…

If you keep thinking that you don’t have enough, then the universe will deliver scarcity and lack.

BUT, if you truly believe that you are abundant and are grateful for what is in your life, then the universe will deliver more abundance.

These are some of the mindset shifts that we help our EmpowerU Business Academy students make so that they can have a THRIVING online business.

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