This One Thing Is Blocking You From Making Money…

If you’re a coach like me, then you chose your career as a coach because, first and foremost, you wanted to help people. You didn’t get into your profession for the money, you just wanted to serve and share your gift, and help people get better in some way.

You love what you do and you do what you love.

The truth is, what you do for a living is not just what you love, it’s what you ARE from your core.

It’s more than your passion, it’s YOUR BEING.

Then as you embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship and building your online business, you started to become too focused on the numbers,

  • Your monthly revenue
  • Your number of clients
  • Hitting your annual $100k goal

You became so focused on the metrics to achieve your numbers goals, that you became almost OBSESSED and as a result, lost sight of why you do what you do.

You forgot YOUR WHY.

When you forgot YOUR WHY you went from, serving just to serve because it brought you joy, while also enjoying the process of building something incredible – YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE BUSINESS – to a joyless ball of stress, who is completely obsessed with making money and hitting numbers.

The irony is that, the first rule of making money is to operate from a place of SERVICE and LOVE and all the while FEELING GOOD, JOYFUL, FREE, and HAPPY.

If you only focus on the money and the numbers, and are constantly a big ball of anxious stress, and FORGET YOUR WHY, then you BLOCK MONEY and SUCCESS from manifesting.

Instead, you start to MANIC MANIFEST.

8 years ago, when I started writing my blog and posting content online, I OPERATED FROM A PLACE OF SERVICE, to help people.

I had no intention of selling anything.

As a coach, I wanted to help people move better, get stronger, and live healthier, longer lives.

My audience knew that I GENUINELY CARED and therefore trusted me to HELP THEM.

TRUST leads to SALES.

In our EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA) we help our clients remember their WHY and manage their energy, so that they can continue to serve with joy and MAKE AN IMPACT, while achieving their business and financial goals.

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,



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