Is Your “Money-Starved Coach” Mindset Holding You Hostage?

One year ago, I had just returned from teaching my women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®, in Iowa City, Iowa.At that time, after 8 months of grinding at full speed ahead to grow my online business from $30k to $100k in 10 months, I had

  • Taught four workshops and still had three more to go that year
  • Coached ~40 1:1 clients 
  • Coached ~20 group coaching clients and still had one more group program to launch that year

I was BURNT out.

The thought of having to teach three more workshops and launch another round of my Hormone Reset in the remaining three months of the year, was overwhelming.


For 8 months, I had been a one woman show going at 700 RPMs – if you’re a coach like me, then you know it’s the only way you know how to run your business – 

“Serve, serve, and SERVE some more and don’t get any support because you can do this all yourself.”

Subconsciously, I was holding onto the limiting belief, “Don’t you dare get any support, or charge more so that you can serve less clients, work less, and make more money because if you DO then YOU ARE UNWORTHY and it devalues your work.”

While on my next workshop trip to Albany, New York I hit a wall. I physically could not do it anymore. I could not continue to run my business the way I had been running it.It was not sustainable.There had to be a better way.I knew I needed to charge more, work less, and hire a team.I had let it go too far… SO far that I had started to resent certain aspects of my job like writing strength programs. At that moment, I couldn’t bear the thought of writing another one!I communicated my misery to Eric, signed up with a business coach, and took action.I pivoted to business coaching, and set a plan to hire a team to support my business.Fast forward one year later, as I left for Tulum last week for a business retreat I thought, 

“For the first time in 2 years there is nothing work related that I HAVE to do!”

I could go on this business retreat and actually DO NOTHING and ENJOY myself while Eric and our team ran our business.It was the most liberating, yet scariest feeling, ever because I am conditioned to think, 

“If I’m not working, then my business will not run itself and I AM NOT WORTHY.”

I held onto this limiting belief for so long that it drove me to burnout. BUT that was the kick in the ass I needed to make a change.NOW, just one year later, we are averaging $20k months, and growing, and have a TEAM supporting our business.I busted free of the hamster wheel NOT because I simply started to charge more and make more money, OR because I pivoted to business coaching – you DO NOT have to business coaching. I broke free of the “Money-Starved Coach” chains because I did the INNER WORK and HIRED HELP to do it.

I worked through my limiting beliefs about self-worth, money, and let go of the guilt and shame that we as strength coaches hang onto as our “Money-Starved Coach” identity. 

Such as,

  • Charging more money devalues the help that you are giving. 
  • Your clients and your colleagues will think that you are greedy and less of a coach, if you work less and make more money.
  • You must work hard ALL THE TIME and if you don’t then you are less of a coach.

When you realize that you’re NOT A FRAUD, but rather, your “Money-Starved Coach” limiting beliefs are, 

  • Holding you hostage
  • Preventing your business from growing, 
  • Preventing YOU from living the life you DREAM OF

Then you will FINALLY break free of the “Money-Starved Coach Syndrome”, start making money, and see your business grow tenfold.We can help you to break free of these chains so that you too can travel and go on vacation and HAVING NOTHING TO DO while you watch your business run itself and THRIVE! 

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,


Artemis Scantalides
Founder & Owner
EmpowerU Online Coaching
I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Workshops
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