How to Progress the Ab Wheel Rollout from Kneeling to Standing

Today I was asked by my friend, colleague  and Owner of RISE Gym, Marshall Roy, for tips on how to progress the ab wheel rollout from kneeling to standing.

One way to progress the ab wheel rollout from kneeling to standing is to use super band assistance by attaching it to a TRX anchor point. You will need a heavy duty carabiner (see photo below) and then you will attach the super band to the carabiner.


You can use light resistance super bands to make the exercise more challenging or a heavy resistance super band (as pictured in the video below) to make the exercise easier. For a proper progression start with a heavier super band and gradually progress to a lighter super band as you become stronger with the exercise. Eventually you should not need any assistance.

Here is a video tutorial on how to do this… you’ll notice I repeatedly emphasize how important it is to master your ab wheel roll out from the kneeling position before you progress to standing:

When you eventually get to the point when you can perform this exercise without assistance, I would recommend 3 repetitions of 3 sets and no more. The exercise is extremely challenging and puts a lot of stress on the wrists and elbows from supporting oneself in the plank position at the peak of the exercise.

For more detail on ab rollouts, please refer to my post The Ab Rollout.


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