Little Actions Lead to Massive Changes

When you have a big project or a task, do you ever think that in order to accomplish it that you have to do ALL THE THINGS, ALL AT ONCE? 

Then you look at your schedule and realize that you don’t have ALL THE TIME to do ALL THE THINGS, so you put it off to wait for that one day or many days that you have ALL THE TIME to do ALL THE THINGS to complete the project?

Then that one day comes and you don’t get as much done as you had hoped, or WORSE, you don’t get any tasks done related to the project?

Then you judge yourself for procrastinating and “being lazy” and getting “nothing done”.

You’re not lazy, you’re STRESSED.  

Procrastination is a coping mechanism for stress. 

PLUS, you can’t do anything if you try to do EVERYTHING.

One of our EmpowerU Business Academy students was struggling with this… 

She saw all the things that she needed to do for her online business and felt overwhelmed so she was procrastinating to avoid stress.

She was waiting to have one full day off from her full-time in-person personal training job to do ALL THE THINGS related to her online business.

To break this unproductive cycle, I suggested that she find a small block of time every day to work on something related to her online business…

BECAUSE it’s better to create a daily habit of completing small actions every day that will result in MASSIVE IMPACT over time.

Otherwise, she will NEVER make any progress.

It’s like exercise and nutrition, you can’t exercise and eat “clean” ONE DAY and think that ONE game changing day will take your fitness and nutrition to the next level.

It doesn’t work like that. 

It’s the small, daily, consistent, HABITUAL, actions

that make the BIG difference, LONG TERM.

We helped her to find one hour every morning and larger chunks of time on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays to dedicate to working on her online business.

We then had her implement “calendar blocking”, to ensure that she set aside this time…

Little actions every single day lead to MASSIVE changes over time.

AND also forgive herself for procrastinating so that she could let go of her self-judgement and feel free to break the counter-productive procrastination cycle.

The first step to ending procrastination is to FORGIVE YOURSELF.

Do you struggle with procrastination and judging yourself and have a similar story to our EBA student? Please share by responding to this post, I want to know!

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,


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