What was the best job you ever had?

The other day the journal prompt in my Best Self Journal was, 

“Write about the best job you’ve ever had…”

I shared this with Eric and said, 

“Right now. What we are doing right now is the best job I’ve ever had.”

He nodded in agreement.

Then my mind started to wander back through all the jobs I had and all the way back to my first job after I graduated college…

After I graduated from college in 1997, I worked for a non-profit that paid me $20k per year.

I couldn’t live off of that salary (who could???), so in order to make ends meet I worked as a server part-time in the evenings and on weekends for the first 3 years after I graduated from college.

I didn’t stay at that job long, and soon after in 1998 I found another job as a receptionist and administrative assistant at a startup technology company by the name of Sky Station International, Inc

That job paid a whopping $5k more at $25k per year. 

Sky Station designed zeppelins with technology payloads that hung out in the stratosphere and was funded by private investors, and had a motley crew of executives including Alexander P. Haig (General Al Haig’s son) as the Chief Operating Officer.

Although, this spacey start-up never had a chance to make its vision and mission a reality…

After working at Sky Station for just under a year, one payday we didn’t get paid and then soon after learned that the CEO had been embezzling the private investors’ funds to pay for his lavish lifestyle.

After Sky Station, I went on to work for another non profit, and then onto the United States Mint where I started my career in procurement working as a Contracts Specialist and then as a Procurement Analyst.

I worked in procurement as a contracts administrator and negotiator for 3 more jobs after that at  Booz Allen Hamilton, Telephonics, and then MetLife Insurance Company.

In 2005 I left MetLife to work for IBM as a consultant and then left IBM to work for a smaller consulting firm called Acumen Solutions.

I have “Sky Station-like” stories for each one of these jobs, but if I tell you all the stories, then we’ll be here all day 😉 …

Finally in 2008 I took the leap and left my $100k per year consulting job to make $0 in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Up until that point, through 9 jobs over 11 years, I had just been clocking in and clocking out. 

Working the bare minimum of hours that I needed to work, living for weekends and vacations and never feeling compelled to put in overtime.

I WORKED to LIVE instead of living to work.

When I started to work in the fitness industry I got a taste of entrepreneurship and what it was like to truly love my job.

However, the overtime I worked was bittersweet – it was partially motivated by the love for my job but also driven by my struggle to make ends meet.

After I left the commercial gym setting and opened my own gym with Eric, I found myself working a type of overtime that was truly motivated by my passion for entrepreneurship and our business.

I remember thinking how much I would CHOOSE to work extra hours and weekends to continue to build our business and create this thing that we were so passionate about.

I would have never done that in any of my previous jobs.

BUT, I was still struggling to make ends meet, amassing personal and business debt, and there were times of burnout.

Fast forward to 2021 and after all of our lessons learned over the past 13 years as entrepreneurs, I feel like we have finally settled into our most favorite and masterful creation as entrepreneurs – our current business, EmpowerU Online Coaching

We find ourselves working overtime to support our clients and create new programs and offers, but we now have a team to support us AND as experienced entrepreneurs, also know better now how to manage our energy so that we can prevent burnout.

We’re not clocking in and out, we are creating, coaching, teaching, and leading, and building our business in a way that it is not just our business, but it is also our lifestyle.

Now I LIVE to WORK instead of working to live.

Eric and I spent 2020 developing a solid foundation for the new focus of our business – Business, Mindset, and Money Coaching for Fitness+Healthcare Professionals, and ALL coaches.

Now, in 2021, since January we’ve been working
to take that foundation to the next level.

Over the past 3 months we’ve added new programs, offers, such as…

→ Our FREE weekly coaching call, the Empowered Entrepreneur Community Call, that meets on Fridays at 12:30 pm PDT. To join the call and receive the call recordings, >>> SIGN UP HERE <<<

→ Our NEW 90-day 1:1 offer for coaches who are just getting started in the online space at $0-$100k in revenue, The Empowered Entrepreneur Foundations. To learn more about this offer, >>> APPLY HERE <<<

→ Our Stop The Money Struggle Madness course that launches THIS Thursday, April 15. Keep a lookout!

→ Our Mastermind program for digital entrepreneurs making $100k+ in revenue OR those who are close to it and want to surround themselves by their “future selves” to up-level their game – COMING IN MAY 2021!

AND we’ve developed more clarity for each of our roles in the business…

→ Eric’s 1:1 focus is coaches who are just getting started in the online space at $0-$100k in revenue.

→ My 1:1 focus is coaches, including business partners, who are more seasoned in the online space at $100k-$750k in revenue.

I want to know,

What was the best job YOU ever had?

And, are you doing it right now?

Please send me a message or comment to share!

Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


Artemis Scantalides
Founder & Owner
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