How to ALWAYS have weekends OFF from work.

Burnout is a choice. I choose to be on FIRE 🔥!

About one year ago, I made a goal with my friend Shafer…

I met Shafer waaayyy back in 2008 when I taught spin classes for Equinox in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

At the time he was working as a consultant (just like I used to!) and then he went on to get his spin instructor certification and open his own Versa Climber and indoor cycling studio in Washington, DC.

Like me, Shafer has an insane work ethic and learning how to take vacations, weekends off, and down time, is a struggle!

Also like me, he experienced what a pain in ass it is to run a brick and mortar, and not very lucrative and decided to close his gym and forgo his life in “Entrepreneurial Poverty” and start an online business.

Now he TOO is an online business coach.

WELL, given our similarities, we set a joint goal that by April 2021 we would have our weekends completely off – 100% work free!

Yesterday I took a picture of where I had written this down in one of my journals…

…and then sent it to Shafer with a message because I ACHIEVED THIS GOAL.

It took me one year of creating space in my schedule, hiring a team to support me, and balancing my masculine and femine energies in my business, but I finally achieved the goal of weekends completely work free PLUS unscheduled time during the week!

Your unscheduled time during the week and weekends

is just as important as your scheduled time.

If you’re having a panic attack just reading the above sentence, THIS is what I help my clients with and in fact on Friday, I was helping one of my 1:1 coaching clients with this very thing!

This client is a husband and wife/business owner couple and I helped them to implement:

→ Morning rituals that help them start off their day focused and energized without distractions.

→ Evening rituals that help them to clearly define the end of their work day and start of their evening.

→ Calendar blocking for time management and task batching for energy management.

I also helped them to learn how to feel GOOD, NOT guilty about scheduling things like naps for themselves and blocks of unscheduled time during their day, even during a work week! 

To learn more about this read this IG post that I shared on Friday >>> HERE <<< about how your business is only as healthy as you are.

Burnout is a choice. I choose to be on FIRE!!!

If you’re one of those business owners who used to be like me and is BUSY BUSY BUSY → ALL.THE.TIME. with no time to eat, shower, wash your hair, or anything fun, then you will get a great laugh 😂 out of the IG REEL I shared on Saturday…👇🏽

You can check it out >>> HERE <<<

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