Feelings follow imagery

We were talking about visualization in the Make the Monies Mastermind orientation call last week.

(You’re still welcome to join)

Visualizing your ideal life and business can feel a little abstract. 

I find visualization easier when I can think of an OBJECT.

Right now, my resonant object happens to be a pancake. 

I’ve been tired lately. I’m a little worn down. 

We’ve been running a launch and I’ve been chomping at the bit to just GET to the thing and start getting messy with our new Mastermind group.

Entrepreneurs know what I mean.

When I’m tired and worn down, my brain lets more negative thoughts slip through.

So here’s what I’ve been trying:

When I get that negative thought, I flip the pancake.

I flip the negative and immediately think about the reverse.

I say the opposite.

Negative thought: “I spent all day catching up and had no time for what I actually wanted to do.”

Pancake thought: “I spent all day catching up so tomorrow I’ll have lots of time to do what I want to do.”

It works. It’s nice. It helps.

And I know it sounds overly simplistic. Maybe even dismissive.

But the negative thought is just a thought. Thoughts are not facts. But our bodies and brains believe the thoughts.

So you can flip it to a different thought. Make your body and brain believe the positive one instead.

Don’t push the negative out. Flip the perspective.

Don’t fight it. Just flip it.

It takes practice, but it sure makes for a better day.

And better days add up to better weeks, months, years, and LIVES.

Hope you’re enjoying a great pancake breakfast this morning!

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