Dancing naked on Instagram

10 years ago, it would have been unthinkable to market your business by sharing videos from your home.

When you’re an online service provider, you are your own product.

You are inextricably linked to your business. Every business win is a personal win. Every business hit is a personal hit.

So the actions you take to market your business need to be aligned with your highest self.

We’re coaches, so we’re especially our own product. We are literally marketing a trusted mentor-mentee relationship.

So we show up.

We share our lives with you on Instagram and through our emails.

We take you on walks with us.

We bring you on trips.

We share our dog with you.

We have coffee together every morning.

10 years ago, it would have been unthinkable to market your business by sharing videos from your home.

Ask any traditional business owner and they would probably tell you that “business is business and personal is personal.”

These are staple beliefs in the corporate world.

Let’s translate a couple of these beliefs, shall we?

“Don’t tell anyone how much money you make.”

→ “We don’t pay everyone equally around here, so I don’t want you finding out that you should be paid more.”

“That is confidential information.”

→ “If you knew how this place was run, there would be a you-shaped hole in the door.”

“Business is business and personal is personal.”

→ “We really don’t want to have to deal with you as a whole person. Just come in, shut up, and work.”

As aligned and evolved business owners, we reject these values.

Online business owners are a different breed.

Whether you’re hiring a team or marketing to prospective clients, transparency is king.

But does that mean you have to put your balance sheet on Instagram?

Vulnerability is rewarded, but it has to serve a purpose.

Dancing naked on your Instagram is all well and good, but why?

Does it help you connect with your audience?

Are you showing them a side of yourself that will help them get to know, like, and trust you as a coach?

Your transparency online should position you as a trusted guide in your ideal client’s lives.

If your naked dancing inspires your ideal client to let their freak flag fly and be entirely themselves, GO FOR IT.

Everything you share online should move the needle forward on your business.

Share your dog, your workouts, your loved ones, your intimate moments, your tears, your angers…

If it moves the needle forward on your business.

If it doesn’t move the needle forward on your business, assess for yourself if you want to share it in the name of transparency, or if it is more of an indulgence.

The big question to ask yourself is this:

Does what I’m posting feel aligned with my highest self and my values as a business owner?

This is a big question, and one that is going to pop up in all areas of your business.

Do you want to figure out how to align your business with your highest self?

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In transparent alignment,

Artemis + Eric

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