Have you fallen into this trap?

Online Wellness entrepreneurs are famous for bending their boundaries to make a sale.

(Want to learn how to tighten up those boundaries and charge smarter? EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now.)

Have you fallen into this trap, ?

You have your offers laid out neatly on your website.

You’ve got them proudly displayed on your sales pages.

You’ve linked to them in your marketing copy and they are easily accessed by the link in your Instagram bio.

And then someone contacts you and asks you for something that falls outside of these carefully drawn lines.

That person is waving money at you.

But they’re not your ideal client.

Or they’re asking you for an in-person service when you’re strictly online.

Or they’re asking for a 1:1 rate when you are offering a group.

It’s HARD to say no to money waving in your face– especially if you’re feeling the squeeze on your bills that month.

So, if you’re like most online wellness entrepreneurs, you will bend to get a sale.

You will invent pricing, promise things you’ll regret, and serve people who aren’t aligned with your vision.

One online nutrition practitioner we know actually invented a scholarship on a sales call just to make a sale at half her rate.

This is the desperation and panic of online service providers, and almost all of us go through this phase on our way to our successful, aligned businesses.

  • Do you struggle to price your services?
  • Are you confused about how to create and define your offers?
  • Do you choke on your words when you present your pricing to prospective clients?
  • Do you feel like you’re doing WAY more work than you agreed to do?
  • Do you flex your pricing and offers based on what fits for your clients, instead of having a service list with set-in-stone prices?

This sh*t is not easy, and it’s not always intuitive.

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we help you create badass offers and price them in a way that sells and appropriately reflects your time and talents.

As an online wellness provider, you ARE your product.

When you negotiate your time, resources, and pricing, you are really negotiating your own value.

You’re telling yourself, “I don’t deserve the price I’m charging.”

You’re giving into those limiting beliefs that tell you, “You should just take the money and feel lucky that someone will actually pay you to do this.”

That mindset keeps you stuck.

EmpowerU Business Academy is a 12-week group business coaching program to help online wellness entrepreneurs 2-5x their monthly revenue by taking their business online, crushing their limiting beliefs, maximizing their technical operations, and selling on social.

We spend 12 weeks teaching you everything you need to know to get your offers, marketing, and backend in line.

And we use the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles to help you get out of your own damn way so your business can finally be the success you expected.

Do you want to finally launch the rockets on your business and be the Empowered Entrepreneur you know you can be?

From our aligned offer stack to yours,

Artemis + Eric

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