We can’t stop talking about this.

No one is teaching online wellness entrepreneurs how to manage their money.

We cannot stop talking about the Passive Income Masterclass– even a week later!

This Masterclass generated more sign-ups than we’ve ever seen, which tells us something important:

Passive income is wildly important to you.

We totally get it because passive income strategies have been gamechangers for our business.

It’s not just the product offerings like DIYs, lead magnets, evergreen offers, and digital courses that have made a difference in our business (though they’re a big part).

It’s being able to invest our money strategically so that it goes to work for us.

As we sat down to reflect last night, we realized why this Masterclass was the best-registered one yet:

No one is teaching online wellness entrepreneurs how to manage their money.

In addition to our secret sauce of practical business principles and spiritual strategy, the money management education makes us different from any other coach online.

Sure, you can find a business coach. And a money mindset coach. And then a third money management coach.

But it’s up to you to synthesize all that information into something that makes sense for you and your business.

We help make it easy by teaching you everything you need to know and supporting you all in one place.

We are passionate about helping you attract an abundant life, full of all the money you could possibly invite. But we’re also hellbent on teaching you how to invest that money and turn it into more.

If you’re in a cycle of make, spend, make, spend, you’re telling the universe that you only want what you have.

You’re making ends meet. You’re covering your costs.

But what if you could access more?

By putting your money to work, you’re showing that abundant universal gift so much respect. You’re telling the universe: “Give me a dollar, and I’ll turn it into two. Come on, watch me!”

It’s just smart money management.

We’re not financial planners by any means, but one of the modules in EmpowerU Business Academy is actually assembling your Financial Dream Team, which includes:

  • A bookkeeper
  • A CPA
  • A financial planner

We want you to make all the money in the world, but the key to working smarter is to put a portion of your money to work.

(When we teach you Profit First methods in Module 11 of EBA, you will know exactly how much to invest and where to find this cash).

Our priority is getting you paid so you can live the life you want to live.

Your business is a pathway to that life.

But if you’re working 24/7, there’s no time to enjoy that money.

Passive income offers can be automated to run seamlessly in the background of your business (as long as you don’t piss off the robots). 

Golden goose investing is an out-of-sight-out-of-mind account that will grow your garden of wealth so that you can invest back into your business without asking yourself, “Where’s the money going to come from?”

We have students who actually use their passive income strategies to fund their entire EmpowerU Business Academy tuition!

Are you ready to make more money?

Sign-up for EBA now! We start September 17! 

High-fiving your financial competence, 

Artemis + Eric

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