You can’t afford not to do this…

Write the check 💸 so that you can go faster 💰🚀.

In December 2019 I made the pants pooping, sprinkled with excitement investment of $30.3k in my first mastermind.

I was absolutely terrified, I had never invested this much money in anything, but also, I was oh-so-excited about how this level of investment would raise my energetic frequency around money AND about how it would help me to uplevel my business.

I did NOT have the money.

Are you kidding me??

The deposit was $5k and the monthly payments were $2.3k (1.5x our mortgage payment!) for 11 months.

We arranged for financing to pay for the deposit and for the first few months, but then after that I hoped on a wing and a prayer that we’d be able to cover the monthly payment without a struggle.

Even though this investment was SO out of my comfort zone, Eric and I both agreed that it was absolutely necessary so that we could get the help we needed to pivot to business coaching, hire a team, and grow to a multiple 6-figure business.

We needed to write the check so that we could make things go faster.

We couldn’t afford NOT to.

When I first signed up I remember asking my coach, “When do you think I’m going to see the monetary ROI on my investment?”.

CLEARLY, I was still working through money mindset issues and I think I wanted to justify to myself making such a big investment.

WELL, after I had my first coaching call with my coach, I said to Eric, “We just got all of our money back from that one call”.

The coaching, guidance, and support I received was worth far more than seeing the monies in my bank account.

Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to make the monies, but it was in that moment that I realized that ROI is not just about the monies, and in fact non-monetary ROI is priceless.

Halfway through the mastermind I asked my coach if I could renew for the next year.

It was 6 months away, but I wasn’t ready to fly free yet, and I wanted to make sure I had a spot for the next year.

I renewed for another 8 months, and around month 7 (total 19 months of coaching) was when I finally felt “ready” to fly free for a while. NOT forever.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if we struggled to make the monthly payments…


Not at all. This investment skyrocketed our revenue.

Our most successful clients work with us for at least 12 months. Some of them repeat EmpowerU Business Academy TWICE.

Others move from EBA to 1:1 to the mastermind or from 1:1 to the mastermind.

Our most successful clients make the investment to go faster.

Examples of some of these clients are:

Erica Villani – EBA 2x, MiniMind 1x, 1:1 coaching 1x and NOW an EBA Support Coach!

Follow her on Instagram @ericavillani .

Georgia Fisher – 1:1 1x, Current Mastermind client 1x.

Follow her on Instagram @fischergeorgia .

Daniel Monsalve – EBA 1x, Current Mastermind client 1x. He hasn’t launched his business yet, he’s finalizing his offers and back end systems and will launch soon.

Follow him on Instagram @_daniel_monsalve_ .

Lisa Perry – 1:1 Foundations 1x, Current Fall 2021 EBA client 1x.

Follow her on Instagram @skoorbasil and @shorebellsBtw, she is a trained chef so her cooking videos are AHHHMAZING!

Will Bailey – EBA 2x (Spring 2021, current Fall 2021), 1:1 Foundations 1x.

Follow him on Instagram @coachwill.bailey .

Mandi Chamberlain – EBA 2x

Follow her on Instagram @mandi_chamberlain .

Laura Mahoney – 1:1 1x, MiniMind 1x

Follow her on Instagram @laura.e.mahoney .

Kerry Seppa – 1:1 2x

Follow her in Instagram @coachkerryseppa .

, maybe you’re thinking…

→ “I want to see how far I can go on my own.”

→ “I want to see if I can make some money on my own.”

→ “I just worked with a coach and I’m not ready to invest in a coach again.”

Or maybe you think you can’t afford it, but as our 1:1 and mastermind client Georgia says, “How can you afford NOT to??”.

For this session of EBA we are re-recording and refreshing all of the content, because best practices and trends in the online space are constantly changing, and because WE as coaches are always learning and upleveling so that we can stay steps ahead and share this next level knowledge and guidance with you.

PLUS, we have added access to the 2-day annual EmpowerU live event in Las Vegas AT OUR HOUSE!

You seriously do not want to miss that!

If you’re flying free and struggling to make strides but think that you can’t afford it, are you sure? 

Because really, if you want to go faster, how can you afford NOT to?

Investing in a coaching program helps you to make more money, have more impact, and skyrocket your business. 

We know. We’ve been there. 

Are you ready to sign up for EmpowerU Business Academy? Sign up >>> HERE.

Want to book a call to chat with us?

→ Book a call with (me) Artemis HERE.

→ Book a call with Eric HERE.

We start September 17!

Helping you to make more monies AND impact, your coaches,


p.s. EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now for both new and past clients and we have special alumni pricing for all of our programs – EBA, 1:1, and Mastermind.

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