Why I Almost Walked Away From 10k Followers on Instagram…

I spent my Christmas vacation debating whether or not I was going to abandon my Instagram account and walk away from 10k followers.

You see, I started my Instagram account in 2013, 9 years ago, when we owned our gym.

People started following me then for fitness, strength training, kettlebells, and because of my blog.

Since then I have had 4 significant pivots, with the most recent one in 2020 to business coaching.

I’ve lost and gained followers throughout all of these pivots.

Like everyone else, over the past year, I have been frustrated with how Instagram has changed and how my reach has gone down.

I became so focused on the numbers, and discouraged that sometimes my story views were a mere fraction in comparison to my number of followers, that often, when it came to sharing my stories or posting in general, I would think,

“What’s the point?? No one is seeing my stuff anyway.”

Having a big following used to be the goal.

NOW having a small following and high engagement (~4% of your followers) is better.

When I got clear on my business focus for 2022, I decided to create a brand new Instagram account and start fresh.

I created the new account and mapped out a plan to announce this new account and invite followers who wanted to follow me.

I even started posting on this new account… and then, I hesitated.

Did I really want to do this?

After days of obsessing out loud to Eric about whether or not I should make this decision, on New Year’s Day, over our morning coffee, Eric took me to CHURCH😬.

He pointed out the following:

→ All of the 9 years of iterations of me, are ME, and should not be hidden, changed, or walked away from.

→ When I started my blog in 2012, I shared from my heart and didn’t track insights or numbers.

I shared because I knew that someone needed to hear what I had to say and it WORKED.

My business grew and the people who were supposed to receive my message, received it.

Today is the same.

The people who are meant to see your content WILL see it.

It doesn’t matter about the numbers.

So I decided to keep my original account, and the people who are meant to receive what I have to share, will receive it.

You can watch the full, expanded version of Why I almost walked away from 10k followers in the video below…

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Here’s to sharing from your heart.

Artemis 🖤✨

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