4 Morning Journal Prompts

Over the holidays I had time off from work and I got sick so I fell out of my morning routine of:

→ Meditation

→ Gratitude

→ Setting my intention for the day.

→ Reading 10 pages of a book that fills my mind with positive, abundant, and expansive thoughts.

As a result, I was spending far more time on social media than I usually do and I found myself spiraling into negativity, self-doubt, and feelings of imposter syndrome and a lack of self-worth.

By the time January 1 rolled around, I had had enough of feeling like sh*t about myself and made a strong commitment to get back to my daily practices that help me to keep my mind right and thrive in my business and personal life.

As soon as I started to get back to my morning routine that helps me to have a positive and abundant mindset, I felt like the dark cloud that was hanging over me for 10 days was lifted.

In the morning your mind is a clean slate.

Your mind is fresh, impressionable, and ready for a new start with the new day.

What you fill your mind with during the first 30 minutes after you wake up in the morning, sets the tone for your day.

→ If you fill your mind with what’s in your email inbox scrolling social media and comparing yourself to everyone in your feed, then your day will be filled with putting other people’s priorities first and feelings of imposter syndrome and a lack of self worth.

→ If you fill your mind with transcendent practices that help you to embody a connection to Universal energy, gratitude, and good feelings, then your day will be filled with flow, happiness, and productivity.

(And happiness is the new productivity btw ;)…)

The most successful and influential leaders start their day with transcendent practices that raise their happiness level.

For example, Arianna Huffington starts her day with:

→ Meditation

→ Movement

→ Gratitude

→ Setting her intention for the day

Here are my 4 favorite morning journal prompts to help you internalize happiness and positivity throughout your day:

→ How do I want to feel today?

→ Who do I want to be today?

→ What do I want to receive today?

→ What do I want to give today?

Try these journal prompts and let me know how you like them.

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Sending happiness vibes your way!


Artemis 🖤✨

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