You’ll shoot your eye out.

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shoot your eye out

“You’ll shoot your eye out.”

In the spirit of the Christmas season, this is a brief message from your personal trainer…

Author’s Note: Let me preface this story by saying, I can write about this particular instance with a bit of detail because I know the client who I am talking about in this story with laugh as she reads this :)…


After having spent the evening Christmas shopping for her children, recently a client of mine asked me my opinion about a particular purchase. In the process of shopping for balance boards for her children, she was inspired to not just purchase a child-like size one for her little ones, but to perhaps purchase an adult-size one so that she could play with it as well. Before making this critical purchase she contacted me for my opinion on this. This was my response:

You know how in the movie A Christmas Story Ralphie asks Santa for an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle and Santa responds, “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.” Well, my opinion is that you’ll shoot your eye out, or break your ankle or your wrist or perhaps bust up your knee never to be the same. After 30 years old, as adults we are not as resilient as children, have a little more wear and tear on our bodies and need to make smarter decisions about our physical activity, especially those unsupervised at home perhaps on a balance board in our socks and pjs in front of the Christmas tree after having a little too much eggnog.

Bongo Board

This is not the first time that I have been asked such a question, and I tend to get asked many of these types of questions at Christmas time. OR I have clients come back after Christmas vacation all battered and bruised from trying out roller blades for the first time at age 45 or testing out their child’s balance board.

So, for those of you shopping for Christmas presents for your children who may get inspired to purchase an adult size of the toy that you’re buying for your child for yourself, or merely try your child’s toy out yourself, remember, you’ll shoot your eye out.


Oh, and p.s. the Wii Fit does not count as exercise towards skipping your scheduled small group training classes or personal training sessions. Keep your scheduled appointments with your trainer and engage in the Wii fit as extracurricular activity outside of your scheduled appointments. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a client come back from the Christmas holiday informing me that they played the Wii fit the whole time and they are “really really sore!!” My response, “Oh really.” *RAISED EYEBROW*

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