Iron Body Family and the story of the Goddess of Kettlebells


I am very fortunate to love what I do and do what I love for a living, but it was not always like this. In my early 30’s (yes I am older than my early 30’s :)) I made a drastic career change from working as an IT Consultant to pursue my (then) part-time passion in health and fitness. You can read more about how I made this dream a reality and never looked back in my blog post “Tell Your Story: The Leap From IT Consultant to Personal Trainer. Not only am I truly passionate about helping to change people’s lives through health and fitness but I worked hard to change careers and therefore every day I am grateful to love what I do and do what I love for a living and for all of my clients who make it that much sweeter.


A little over a month ago a few of my clients mentioned having a get together for all of the Iron Body Studios’ women clients – an “Iron Body Sistas Night Out”. At Iron Body Studios we have an amazing group of talented, passionate women from the ages of 20-something to 70-something, who are both mentally and physically strong and some of the best people on this planet that you will ever meet – good from the inside out. Therefore, we went forward and planned a dinner to celebrate the women of Iron Body Studios – the “Iron Body Sistas”. This outing was meant to celebrate my clients and in turn, not only did I celebrate them, but also to my surprise they chose to celebrate me.

As we sat down to dinner my clients unveiled their (unexpected) gifts to me…

First was a donation to my charity of choice, Eric and I chose Inner City Weightlifting here in Boston, MA

Next was the story of The Goddess of Kettlebells in Mad Lib form. I posted the real version of the story below but the Mad Lib form made me laugh so hard I almost popped my right lung. I swear I did not write this, my amazing client Melinda R. put this together…


The Real Story: The Goddess of Kettlebells

 Not so long ago in a land not so far away a reputable, young kettlebell goddess named Artemis was held prisoner by the evil forces at a haunted fortress. With incredible force of mind, body, and spirit, she managed to escape from the holds of the evil ruler that held her and break free. Although her journey to the land of her dreams is not yet complete, she and her partner Eric are now raising a not so small army of strong women and men called Iron Body Badasses.

Artemis’ reputation as a trainer and mentor is legendary. Followers claim they hear her encouraging voice in their heads saying things like “You can do it!” as they practice their awesome kettlebell skills. Words such as “Badass” have become synonymous with her name, as has the nickname of Wonder Woman.

Not only is she known to inspire people to become stronger, but some give her credit for their peace of mind. Says Sharon C.: “Sanity of mind is evident as a result of training with Artemis.”

Artemis has been known to say profound statements that resonate with those around her. Karen L. remembered Artemis taking a moment to reflect upon her relationship with her clients: “How can I motivate my clients if I can’t motivate myself?”

Clearly, this Kettlebell Goddess has motivated many eager clients and continues to do so wherever she goes. This story is far from over and rest assured it will not be forgotten, for this Greek Kettlebell Goddess and trainer, this amazing woman, friend, and mentor is what makes history.


Next was a gathering of their kind words and how I had affected and changed their lives, which I have posted below. This collection does not represent all of my clients, only those that were able to contribute in time but I know that every single one of my clients is represented in their words.

Dear Artemis:

Your clients truly appreciate you in many ways: The strength you help us gain in mind, body, and spirit: the sanity that we gain by learning and practicing with you; the goals we achieve, even goals we never imagined. Thank you for everything. You are so important to us! – Love, Your Clients!

Sharon C: “I workout for sanity not vanity”… “Baby I can see your halo you know you’re my savin’ grace” – Beyonce, “Every time I hear this song I think of you… As long as you’re there I can get it done, you are my angel!!!” “Artemis, you have not only changed my life physically but emotionally I’m stronger inside and out because of you!”


Tricia C.: “Mind and body you clearly rejuvenate and make stronger every hour that is spent with you.”



Sharon S.: “Thank you Artemis for being an incredible mentor and friend 🙂



Dorcas C.: “You keep me feeling awesome and forever young!!!”



Louise S.: “Thank you for making training fun, and a big thank you for turning me on to kettlebells! It’s great working out with you.”


Nicole G.: “Thank you for making me want to make myself stronger.”


Meghan F.: “Thank you so much for motivating me throughout the years. I never could have accomplished any of my goals if it wasn’t for your constant support.”


Karen L.: “I feel so lucky to work with such a dedicated and superior trainer. Her unwavering support, safe practices and motivation are refreshing and welcomed. I am happy to have met Artemis and the real impact she has had on my life.”


Melinda R.: “Artemis, I never imagined that I would ever be able to, let alone want to, achieve the strength that I have by training with you. The impact it has on the rest of my life is immeasurable and the journey of building a relationship with you as a trainer and as a friend has been wonderful!”


Tracy R.: “Artemis, thank you for being such an inspiration and always encouraging me to be a better version of myself. I’m so glad I met you and the Iron Body Community! I never knew my ankles could sweat so much!”



Finally, and OF COURSE, were truffles shaped like kettlebells:


Thank you is not enough for this gift of celebrating with those of the Iron Body Sistas who could make it out on Saturday (and for those of you who did not, do not worry we will be doing this once per quarter!). You all have no idea how much your gestures, thoughts and words mean to me and to Eric Gahan. At Iron Body Studios Eric and I believe it’s imperative to demonstrate Loyalty, Honor and Respect for one another and we follow the Iron Body principles of Professionalism, Personalize, Feel Better Move Better Move Often, Education, Be Better, and Practice what we Preach. All of you embody these qualities and demonstrate these beliefs and we are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing clients. So this is my second Thank You of the season for demonstrating why I love what I do and do what I love for a living… and to quote one of my clients, Melinda R., “I really enjoyed being among other strong women who know what you mean when you say “14’s” or “28’s” or “snatch”!” 


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