On Friday I Will Turn 43…

On Friday I will turn 43🎂🎈.

My 30s were about hustling to make a drastic career change from my office job as an IT consultant to working in the fitness industry full time and to building my fitness business.

I did whatever it took – worked multiple jobs (group fitness instructor and personal trainer at 2 commercial gyms, plus private clients) 6 days a week, 5 of those from 6a until after 8p. Then I went on to open my own training facility with my now husband Eric, started to write a successful blog that led to teaching strength training workshops and multiple speaking engagements.

By the time I turned 40 I had a made a name for myself in the fitness industry but I was fried.

The year I turned 40 was the year that my husband and I sat down and re-evaluated what we wanted in 5 years. Fast forward the movie and we did not want to be owning and operating a training gym. He wanted to get back into his field of Athletic Training and I wanted to feel motivated and excited about what I did for a living again and not feel like a piece of burnt toast. I wanted to live more, work less, and no longer have to wake up between 4-4:30a  to train a client or teach a class or balance traveling and teaching workshops with owning and operating a training facility. In addition, we both wanted to have more personal time together as a couple, live somewhere with a warmer climate and lower cost of living, get married and get a dog.

As soon as we knew what we wanted, we made the change.

I still work hard, but I’m more selective about my time and about the projects and clients I choose to take on and I will never wake up at 4:30a again, unless I have to catch a plane.

My 40s are about more time with my husband and our pup Bruno, more vacations, more balance, and about saying no to the things that I hate or that spread my energy or time too thin.

What changes have you made from one decade to another for a better quality of life and more peace of mind?? Please share!

Yours In Strength,


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