5 Factors That Steal Your Youth.

Only 10% of health conditions and disease is caused by genetics. The other 90% is caused by environmental factors. Therefore, the most profound influences on your health, vitality, and function are the cumulative effects of the decisions you make about your diet and lifestyle on the expression of your genes.


THE MUSCLE FACTOR. We have the potential to lose 5lbs of lean mass PER DECADE starting at age 25. That means that by the time we are 65 years old we could potentially lose 20lbs of lean mass.

We also have the potential to experience a 2-4% decline in our Resting Metabolic Rate PER DECADE starting at age 25. (RMR is energy/calories required to sustain the body’s vital functions at rest).

PLUS, after age 40 our mitochondria become tired (they are the tiny powerhouses inside our cells that turn food and oxygen into energy). Mitochondrial dysfunction may make you feel more tired during and after exercise, cause muscle pain and tired an achy.

CAUSES: Lack of exercise, particularly strength training and eating processed food, refined sugar and flour.

THE BRAIN FACTOR. Your neurons lose speed and flexibility. Brain fog and a loss for words settles in. Alcohol, gluten, and if you’re in perimenopause – loss of estrogen, make it worse.

Your hippocampus may shrink, especially with stress (part of brain responsible for memory and emotional control), PLUS excess stress may kill brain cells.

CAUSES: Oxidative stress due to free radicals causes damage to cells, DNA and proteins.

THE HORMONE FACTOR. With age we make less testosterone which leads to more fat. Less estrogen which leads to thinning, dry, brittle hair and wrinkles. Our thyroid slows down and we become insulin resistant and blood sugar rises. We make more cortisol and less growth hormone, which leads to more carb cravings, brain fog and sleep deprivation.

The right food, sleep, exercise and detox support can reverse many age-related hormone problems.

THE GUT FACTOR. 70% of your immune system lies beneath your gut lining and an overstimulated immune system can lead to excess inflammation and autoimmune condition. Your gut can accelerate or decelerate your click. THUS, optimizing hormone balance starts with cleaning up your gut.

THE TOXIC FAT FACTOR. Gerontogens, toxins from the environment accumulate in your fat and can cause premature aging.

You can slow down the aging process through diet, lifestyle nutraceuticals, reducing exposure to toxins, optimizing methylation, and your liver’s ability to detoxify your system.

My 45-Day Hormone Reset is your first step to balancing your hormones, cleaning your genes, reversing the signs of aging, and extending your healthspan.

In my Hormone Reset you will learn how the right food, sleep, exercise and detox support can reverse many age-related hormone problems and optimize methylation and your liver’s ability to detoxify your system.

PLUS, how to practice and enforce a mindset that doesn’t allow your age number to dictate how you feel or what you do.

Since you are on my email list, I’m so excited to open enrollment for my 45-Day Hormone Reset to you EARLY. This session of my Hormone Reset will be different than previous sessions in that in addition to Phase One of the Reset which includes 7 nutritional resets, I have also added a ton more content to the second half of the Reset, Phase Two, to cover Epigenetics and a 7-step habit change protocol. This 7-step protocol will help you to incorporate daily rituals and implement lifestyle changes to optimize the most positive expression of our top 7 most important genes so that you tap into youth and vitality for years to come.

Phase One (Days 1-23) of my 45-Day Hormone Reset includes the following 7 Hormone Resets:

  • Reset #1 – ESTROGEN: Red Meat & Alcohol
  • Reset #2 – INSULIN: Sugar
  • Reset #3 – LEPTIN (Controls hunger and sated signals): Fruit
  • Reset #4 – CORTISOL: Caffeine
  • Reset #5 – THYROID: Grains
  • Reset #6 – GROWTH HORMONE: Dairy
  • Reset #7 – TESTOSTERONE: Toxins

Phase Two (Days 24-45) of my 45-Day Hormone Reset includes the following top 7 most important genes and 7-step protocol to help optimize the most positive expression of these genes:

  • Step 1: Feed + FTO gene (Fatso gene)
  • Step 2: Sleep + MTHFR gene (Methylation gene)
  • Step 3: Move + Apolipoprotein E gene (Alzheimer’s and Bad Heart gene)
  • Step 4: Release + BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes (Breast Cancer genes)
  • Step 5: Expose + VDR gene (Vitamin D receptor gene)
  • Step 6: Soothe + Circadian locomotor output cycles kaput gene (Clock gene)
  • Step 7: Think + mTOR (or FRAP1), FOXO3, and SIRT1 genes (Longevity genes)

The first half of the Reset (Phase One: Days 1-23) will be an elimination phase that will help you to eliminate the most allergenic foods and metabolic blockers causing inflammation and hormone imbalances.

The second half of the Reset (Phase Two: Days 24-45) will be a re-introduction phase where you will choose to re-introduce, one at a time, all or none of the foods that you eliminated, PLUS I will delve into Epigenetics (the study of how your environment impacts how your genes will express themselves, either positively or negatively) and teach you about our top 7 most important genes. I will guide you through a 7-step protocol that will help you to optimize the most positive expression of these genes so that you tap into youth and vitality for years to come.

The group coaching program includes the following:

  • 20+ emails to guide you through both the elimination and re-introduction phases. This does not include any additional emails I may send with bonus information or tips.
  • Weekly group coaching calls delivered via ZOOM (7 coaching calls total over the 6-week program). The weekly coaching calls are structured so that the first half of each call is spent teaching about the Resets and Hormones the group is focusing on that week, and the second half of the call is an open forum for the group’s questions. The weekly coaching calls are the primary platform to ask and answer questions. You bring your questions to the call and I answer them. So come prepared! Calls will meet every Tuesday at 4:00 PM Pacific Time starting on February 4, 2020 and the last call will meet on March 17, 2020. All calls will be recorded and a link to the replay will be emailed out to everyone in the group coaching program.
  • Closed Facebook Group for support so that the group can provide support to each other, along with past Hormone Reset participants, AND where I may provide additional information, tips, videos, and Facebook Lives.
  • Primary support will be provided via the Weekly ZOOM Coaching Calls. Supplemental support to any questions not answered on the weekly coaching calls, or in any of the emails that I send, or Facebook Lives, or videos that I post, will be answered in the closed Facebook group. I will answer questions in the closed Facebook group on a weekly basis.

By the end of the 45-Day Hormone Reset,

  • You will understand better the science of how hormones work in your body;
  • How to fuel your body with your nutrition for optimal hormone balance and energy;
  • Cleanse your body of any food addictions, such as caffeine, sugar or alcohol;
  • Have a better mind/body connection that allows you to listen to your body so that you can fuel your body for optimal hormone balance and energy;
  • Know how to better manage stress with healthy coping mechanisms like yoga, walks, reading, podcasts, and meditation, and NOT sugar, caffeine or alcohol;
  • Create new, healthy hormone balance friendly habits so that you can continue with a sustainable approach to balancing your hormones through nutrition and lifestyle for LIFE.

The group coaching program will start on February 2, 2020 and will run 6 weeks through March 17, 2020 and will be limited to ONLY 20 BADASS LADIES! For those registered before January 26, 2020, prep week will start January 26, 2020.

Cost is $699 BUT, for 48 hours ONLY (EXPIRES 11:59 PM PACIFIC TIME THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 2020), I am offering an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount to my email list which brings the cost down to $559.20 for the entire 6-week, information packed, life changing program.

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