No One’s Too Big for a Hug.

If the quarantine crazies have been settling in for you this week, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This week, I’ve noticed that the theme on social media, and in friends’ and colleagues’ emails, is that EVERYONE is struggling this week to stay positive, motivated, and productive.

People have been coping by sharing their mental struggles, along with dreams of a vacation when this is all over, binge creating TikTok videos, and of course through anything that will induce laughter – for example, my sister created seriously, THE MOST HILARIOUS thread on Facebook, where she asked each person to leave a GIF that represented how their quarantine was going. I laughed so hard going through this thread that I cried. I’ve included some highlights below…

Since I am a coach who helps people with positivity, motivation, and productivity, sometimes people think that I am always happy, positive, and motivated. HOWEVER, I am not immune to this crisis. Up until this week I had been doing OK, but then this week, starting on Sunday, “the funk” settled in and “feeling good” was a STRUGGLE! I shared my own personal struggles on Instagram, along with the solutions that I implement to help me with a mindset shift. You can read this post HERE.

One of my default solutions is to binge listen to episodes of the Quote of the Day Show podcast and on Wednesday I listened to Episode 759, “No One’s Too Big for a Hug” with Dr. Leo Buscaglia, who is one of my MOST FAVORITE motivational speakers. This QOD Episode was seriously one of THE BEST episodes and made me LOL! You must listen to it HERE.

In other exciting news, yesterday, Eric launched our podcast, The EmpowerU Radio Show. The first two episodes are available RIGHT NOW on Spotify. You can listen to them HERE

Finally, if you have been forced to transition your business online and social media is a STRUGGLE for you, I talked about some tips on my IGTV yesterday. You can watch the replay below…

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After you complete the application, I will contact you to schedule a ZOOM video call.

I hope this post lifted your spirits a bit, and brought some light and laughter to your day. Hang in there, this will all be over soon.

Sending you vibes of positivity, health, and abundance! 

Is this you?

“I’m terrible at social media.”

“I don’t know anything about social media marketing.”

“I hate posting on social media!”

“I hate social media!”

One of the themes that comes up ALL THE TIME when I’m speaking to Fitness Professionals about or helping them to build their online business, is lack of competence in social media and complete FEAR of social media.

In this video I talk about,

  • where this fear comes from;
  • the Confidence/Competency Loop; AND
  • tips about how to start to overcome this fear and to slowly build COMPETENCY in the Skill of Social Media, which in turn builds CONFIDENCE in the Skill of Social Media.

Just like any other skill, in order to get better at it, social media takes regular, daily, consistent practice.

Tune into the video above to learn more…


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