I Used to Binge Watch Rachel Zoe on Repeat…

How is quarantine treating you? Are you in desperate need of a haircut? Full body wax? Mani/pedi? All of the above? I am in DESPERATE need of all of the above…

For your listening pleasure, Eric released two more EmpowerU Radio Show podcast episodes last week, you can listen to them ==> HERE<== and they are available on both iTunes and Spotify.

He will be releasing EmpowerU Radio Show podcast episodes every Monday and Friday, so follow the podcast on iTunes to get notified!

This week Eric and I have been working on some exciting projects that we will be launching over the next week,

The EmpowerU Business Academy, which is a 12-Week Online Group Business Coaching Program for Experienced Fitness Professionals to learn how to successfully attract paying customers using social media, get their technical operations set up and organized, and 2-5x their revenue using the power of the Internet.

The EmpowerU Business Academy will help you to double your revenue ONLINE, set up your ONLINE operations with ease, and replace in-person clients with online clients–NO PROBLEM.

You can get on the wait list for the EmpowerU Business Academy ==> HERE <==


My 45-Day Hormone Reset REPACKAGED so that you can start it anytime you’d like AND it will be available at an OBSCENE COVID-19 discount at more than 85% off the regular price! We expect to launch this in about a week… If you’ve been looking for something to help you manage stress during the quarantine, the 45-Day Hormone Reset will give you the resources to do just that. Stay tuned!

Now, onto a quick story that I’d like to share with you…

Last week I spoke with a Fitness Professional, who was interested in Business Coaching with me – she was maxed out at 8 clients and works 7 days a week, because she travels from house to house to train her clients in-person at their homes.

As I was speaking with her, I thought, “HOLY SHIT! I was doing this very thing 11-12 years ago! With all of the advances in online training, I cannot believe that there are Fitness Professionals out there who are STILL doing this!”

There IS a better way.

12 years ago, when I started out full-time in the fitness industry, I was working for two commercial gyms as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and training private clients in their homes on the side. I was a SLAVE to my business, working 6 days a week, 5 days, Monday through Friday, 6 am – 8pm, plus half days on Saturdays, running around like a crazy person to multiple locations, lugging kettlebells in and out of my car everywhere I traveled.

I’d go through my days in a burnt-out fog and would end the week on Friday completely toasted with only enough energy to collapse on my couch and press the button on the remote to watch marathon episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project. On Saturday mornings, I would drag myself out of bed to train a few clients and teach a cycling class. After, I would come home, and if I had energy, I would clean my apartment (oh fun!) and then collapse on my couch again for more BRAVO TV.

I DREADED Mondays as the 6-day cycle started again.

I literally was living my life as a zombie. This zombie-like state, with no interest, other than to zone out comatose on the couch to try to recover at the end of the week, was so bad, that I almost blew off Eric when we had our first date! Time after time, I would choose being anti-social over social connection.

I knew this was no way to live. Then, fast forward 5 years to 2013, thanks to the exposure that writing my blog IronBodyByArtemis and regularly posting on Facebook gave me, I opened up the door for new opportunities that helped me to create a better way to work so that I could have a better quality of life – I had left the commercial gym and owned my own facility and I was training clients ONLINE with one of the VERY FIRST online training platforms.

What killed me even more as I spoke with this Fitness Professional, was that even though she loves her work, she HATES her schedule, and has hated is for AGES. BUT, hasn’t done anything about it until NOW, because she’s being FORCED to explore a better way to work due to the current crisis.

She is wasting precious time holding onto something that isn’t working to get a little more out of something that she doesn’t want, INSTEAD OF letting go of that which is preventing her from THRIVING, so that she can create a better opportunity, THRIVE, and GROW.

If you are like her, to be honest, the current crisis is a blessing and an opportunity because it’s driving you to make a change for a better way to work and a better quality of life.

AND, let’s get real here, on May 1, we’re not just going to walk out our doors and get back to our normal lives. This IS the NEW NORMAL. This IS the way businesses will be run from here on out. Even when you get back to training clients in-person, your in-person business will be a FRACTION of your online business. If you need help making the change to transition your business online, and to build it to THRIVE AND GROW despite the current pandemic and economic transition, I CAN HELP YOU.

Apply for Business Coaching ==> HERE <==

p.s. I’m also offering extended payment plans so that you can get started at a lower cost, get your business up and running, and have lower monthly payments.

Complete the application and we’ll schedule a ZOOM call to chat!


Sending you vibes of positivity & abundance!


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